Inspector Phragg



SoroSuub Pain in the Butt

Inspector Ghorash Phragg has spent the last twenty years making life miserable for SoroSuub employees. It's amazing how Bungo didn't run into him sooner. Whenever a problem or glitch in the system occurs the company sends Phragg.

With his no nonsense, no emotion and no pity form of inspection, you can bet that he will have the problem fixed in no time, and with the help of his holo-droid Bebe, nothing goes unnoticed.

Unfortunately, with the recent crack downs by the Empire on shipping restrictions, Inspector Phragg's mission has become next to impossible. It's all he can do to keep up as hotspots once thought to have been dealt with for good almost immediately need his attention once again. And he's getting quite bitter about it.

Perhaps the Empire will find that there's more to Inspector Phragg than everyone thinks.

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