Nien Nunb



Sullustan Privateer

Before the Battle of Endor, before he became a hero of the Rebellion and the New Republic, Nien Nunb was a hero to the populace of Sullust. Once Sullust's SoroSuub Corporation aligned itself with the Empire, Nien began using his ship and his piloting skills to rob from the rich and give to the poor. The rebels, that is.

With a number of small bases strewn throughout Sullustan space, Nien Nunb has managed to build himself into quite a formidable pain in the choobies for the Empire.

But putting himself in such a postion is always wrought with danger. Now that Captain Wankle has his sights set on decimating Nien and his compatriots, his time as a hero may be running out, along with the hopes of the Sullustan people.

Then again, you never know.

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