Kriz Magness



He's Corellian. He's a pirate. Surprise. Magness didn't start out that way, though. A member of the Corellian Police Force, he found more excitement removing credits from his fellow officers while playing sabacc than removing criminals from the space lanes. However, when those credits weren't enough to satisfy him, he began using his authority to make contacts; contacts that would get him things he wanted. Yes, illegal things. Stolen shoes, electronics, didn't matter. These he would sell on the invisible market for the best price. Magness was making some real credits now, and he like it. He liked it a lot.

Greed has a nasty way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the posterior, especially when it concerns the local governor and several kilos of narco spice (corrupt government officials? - No!) Well, Magness wasn't about to stick around to find out what was going to happen to him, so he stowed himself aboard a garbage scow headed outsystem. Halfway to the scow's destination, he pulled himself out of his hiding place (the ship's head - arguably the most sanitary part of the ship) and committed his first act of piracy by flushing the two droid crew out of the airlock .

Having no place to go, especially in a garbage scow, he ended up in the outer Corellian Sector. There he managed to convince a very nearsighted customs official that it would be in his best interest to give up his Corellian HT-1100 for a much more reliable ship like the a garbage scow. Amazing what a blaster set to roast can accomplish. Now with his Rodian first mate, Fritoh, and the good ship Griffon, Magness hunts the space lanes around Sullust for easy pickings. Well, in half a ship, anyway.

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