The Chubby Gundark



SoroSuub Transport Systems Nyubba-Class
Cargo Barge Driver

If the bulk freighter and the container ship are the work-banthas of the SoroSuub Transport and Supply Division, then the Nyubba-class cargo barge driver is the work-nerf!

Though the majority of cargo is hauled using bulk transportation, the use of smaller ships like the Nyubba freighters still accounts for nearly 20 percent of all of SoroSuub's cargo transfers.

Not particularly pretty, they manage to get the job done. They are slow and lightly armed, making them excellent targets for pirates if they stray too far from designated shipping lanes. The ships are almost fully automatic, only requiring a crew of two: usually one Sullustan and one droid to monitor ship systems and pilot during landing and take-off.

Additional cargo barges can be attached fore and aft of the barge driver, since the freighter's main engines are offset on a lateral strut. The average configuration for hauling is the main engine with three barges fore and three aft, though it's not uncommon that several more are hauled at one time. Extra barges have a cargo capacity of 400 metric tons, double that of the main engine.

There is a rivalry among Nyubba-class freighter pilots over who can haul the most barges over a prescribed distance. The Chubby Gundark holds the record for the most barges hauled over 35 parsecs with an uncontrolled landing: 13 barges!

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Reprinted directly from
The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 11

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