The Griffon


Corellian Engineering Corporation HT-1100 Multi-Purpose Gunboat

The HT-1100 is an older Corellian ship that had a limited run. They therefore aren't encountered much outside of the Corellian Sector. They are usually employed in running patrol or customs duty, because they are well built, tough little ships with plenty of firepower. Two laser cannon turrets and a full compliment of proton torpedoes are all this hardy gunboat needs.

Originally designed for high altitude flight, the HT-1100 was refitted for space flight and is easily modified for various duties. The Griffon is fitted with a slightly larger payload capacity, but other variations include full combat duty and search and rescue.

The HT-1100 is designed with redundancy in mind. There are two backup power lines for all control systems and with two separate reactors and engine clusters on the outboard wings, the HT-1100 is harder to stop than most other attack ships. It can even continue flying if one entire wing is destroyed.

Beleive me when I say there is nothing funny about the HT-1100!

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