Fritoh, the young Rodian first mate of the Griffon, is what they call a jinx. He was brought aboard Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport along with his older brother, Ch'owdo. They were to work as security for Omze's Rodian/Mercenary Captain Ne'Chak. Ch'owdo was a natural. Fritoh, not so much. The problem was that Fritoh had the knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Not unfortunate for him, but for those poor saps around him. Assuming they didn't end up dead, or maimed, they might have found themselves broke, without two centicreds to rub together. This wasn't a major problem, though. In fact it was, more or less, the starport joke. That was until Ne'Chack himself was the target of Fritoh's unintentional bad luck.

After nearly having his finger severed after Fritoh wedged it into a food preparer, Ne'Chack was ready to have him vacced. Fortunately for Fritoh, there happened to be a pirate by the name of Magness aboard who was looking for a first mate. Ne'Chak, hating humans as it was, found he could kill two dinkos with one shot. He recommended Fritoh to the pirate and then immediately kicked them both off the starport. Ne'Chak was never happier. Magness, on the other hand, has been rethinking the intelligence of his choice of first mate.

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