Answers to frequently (and never before) asked questions.
There's not much here now, however...

 Q: Where did Bungo and Rusti get their start? 
 A: They first appeared in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal,
issue 11, recounting the duo's adventures in Bungo & Rusti Get Carry Out.
 Q: Why weren't any other stories printed? 
 A: Dark Horse Comics has the sole contract with Lucasfilm to produce comics.
Alas, poor Bungo and Rusti were thought to have only been a one-shot,
so the good people at Dark Horse let that one go. They never would have
made it into print if DH hadn't overlooked my little foray into self indulgence.
 Q: What materials do you use to produce your artwork?



It varies. For the comics, I use either a Winsor Newton #0 brush or a technical
pen on Strathmore cold press bristol. Any coloring is done in Adobe
photoshop. The computer art is a combination of 3-D models created with
Ray Dream Designer or Bryce combined with clay models, all put together
using photoshop.
 Q: Have you published any other Star Wars related stuff?
 A: No. This is the first Star Wars anything I've had published.
 Q: What other kind of artwork do you do?



I've had two comic strips published in college and local newspapers (ancient
history, though). I paint in oils. I'm currently working on a children's book
(putting that here may help me finish it sooner). I currently work for
a large mid-western publishing company in their creative services department.
I also do the occasional freelance job so I can buy myself cool toys!
 Q: Who is Jambi? 
 A: My life. My love. My dog. Named after the genie on Pee-Wee's Playhouse!


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