Bungo Bung



A native of Sullust, Bungo left the relative safety of the catacombs and lava flows of his homeworld to seek his fortune among the stars, working his life away for the SoroSuub Corporation.

He spent his childhood learning a trade in the caverns of his father's boaboo fungus farm. This mostly consisted of sitting in a chair daydreaming, while droids created new and exciting breeds of boaboo fungus, nurtured them, mashed them into boaboo juice, and short-circuited from all the excess moisture (boaboo fungus is very moist), leaving a mess all over the fermentation room floor.

Bungo would then clean up the mess and transport the rest of the juice to the great markets of G'rinn Go city. This was the perfect training for a future career in the SoroSuub Transport and Supply Division.

So he left the farm and signed on with the Transport Division, preferring to escape to the tranquility of super novas and space pirates that travel beyond Sullust afforded. Bungo always had the stars in his eyes (pretty amazing for a species that evolved underground; it's a wonder Sullustans ever developed space travel at all...). This was his opportunity to pilot a starship.

Bungo is a very gentle and generally trusting individual. Were he aware of the relationship SoroSuub has with the Empire, he would jump to the forefront of opposition to calm the ulcer he would develop from worrying about it too much.

Reprinted directly from
The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 11

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