Giant Amorphous Bantha Breakfast Biscuit


Not much is known about these giant, amoebic ruminants; they are a new life form, and no one has gotten close enough to study one without being consumed. What is known is that they're big, they're mean, and they'll eat anything that happens to find itself placed in front of them.


Several laboratory chefs working for the Tagge Company learned this the hard way from inside the gullet of what they thought was going to be their morning meal! Imagine their terror when they popped a couple Bantha Breakfast Biscuits into the autochef and out came their worst gastronomic nightmare.

Though accidentally created when Biscuit Baron preservatives somehow bonded to bantha genetic material, these beasts are now being considered for use as biological weapons by the Empire. Until such time as they can be controlled, however, the Tagge Company has restricted Bantha Breakfast Biscuits from being shipped to those planets which they refer to as "inadequately prepared to delight in this yummy breakfast delicacy. " Come hungry, but carry plenty of Biscuit Baron blue sauce with you!

Reprinted directly from
The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 11

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