The Drzhngo Blubbo Wnd



SoroSuub Transport Systems Cheruba-Class
Cargo Barge Driver

The Cheruba-Class barge is the next generation of SoroSuub barge engines. The barge engine has fallen out of favor with shipping companies in recent years, opting for the more efficient bulk transports. Still, smaller shipments must be made to outlying worlds, and this is where the cargo barge engine comes into play.

Basically just a refit of the Nyubba-Class cargo barge engine, the Cheruba offers no improvements in handling, speed, or cargo capacity. What it does offer is a three hundred sixty degree view from the bridge of the entire barge configuration. It was also touted as a newer, sleeker version by its design team, hoping that the TSD would approve production , thereby assuring themselves jobs for the duration of the production run.

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