Unga G'Lunga



We all know this guy! Maybe he was your neighbor, living in the next tunnel, or you went to Sullustan University with him. Doesn't matter. He's that annoying gloonshbo we all grew up with who bragged about everything he did. The problem was...he did it all.

Unga excelled at everything without ever trying, but he remained middle of the pack because he never applied himself. Sure, he could outfly anyone through the lava tubes of his homeworld or he could roll his own cigarellos one handed (which really impressed the girls). He just never put any of his talent to good use.

Finally, he found himself in need of some cash, so he took a job with the SoroSuub Transport and Supply Division (TSD) flying cargo barges from Sullust to exotic worlds around the Galaxy. He's had the opportunity to take promotions, but Unga knows a good thing when he sees it. Why exert yourself when you don't have to? Piloting a cargo barge is easier than working the fly through at Biscuit Baron.

Besides, where else can you make extra credits by carrying a few illicit cargoes from time to time? It's also a good place to meet colorful characters like smugglers and pirates. You never know when you might need one.

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