Kheloora Foon



Mephout Bounty Hunter

They say she taught Boba Fett everything he knows. Well, they have been known to exaggerate. Kheloora Foon began her career as a palace guard in the service of the Lordess High Parduu of Plintep. She was singled out for her extraordinary abilities, was given special training and was soon promoted to the Lordess' personal guard. Though, she thwarted several attempts on the Lordess' life, she soon found herself bored with her job, and wanderlust set in. The decision was made to become a bounty hunter and see the Galaxy!

With the recent discovery of the Mephout Dominion by the Empire, Kheloora Foon was given the opportunity to travel far from the familiar planets of home. Her skills were honed and she learned about the myriad of races she encountered. She found herself hired by high paying clients, including the Empire. But now a special bounty has her interest. And this time it's personal. When the Lordess High Parduu of Plintep once again found herself the subject of assassination, she called on Kheloora Foon. Kheloora was to track down the droid that was sent to kill the Lordess with the hopes it would lead back to the very outlaws who originally planned to do away with her. Armed with the best training and technology, Kheloora Foon is not one to be trifled with. And if you ask her, she'll say she's never even met Boba Fett...if she doesn't shoot you first!

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