Ibbee Yabay



SoroSuub Union Subintermediary

"A girl's gotta get ahead in this galaxy", and that's exactly what Ibbee Yabay had planned right from the start. She had it all figured out, from her career as a union mediary right down to the successful husband, the point nine-three-seven children and a pet ferblin all on a small plot of land in one of the newer upscale tunnels. And her plan was well underway, too. She was assigned to Union Mediary Master Flibnh directly out of university and found the challenges of subintermediarship both exciting and rewarding.

She quickly rose to the top in her department and Master Flibnh picked her out as his personal aid. Soon she was schmoozing with all of the right people. She became aware of the importance of dressing in the proper fashions, wearing her hair in just the right way (hair, by the way, is not a naturally occurring Sullustan trait. They have it surgically implanted because it's fashionable to be like the "more-popular-with-the-Emperor" humans.) speaking with just the right accent and peppering her talk with just the right names. Unfortunately she's been finding herself as of late attracted to a not so "just right" cargo barge engine captain. That could really put a crimp in her plans.

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