Nek Puppies



Cyborrean Battle Dogs

"Neks" are a symbol of pride and might throughout the Empire. Statues of them grace the grounds of the Imperial Academy at Carida. They are used in a variety of situations from guards to employment with scavengers. They therefore are in high demand and have a high price tag to match. The job of breeding them can be very lucrative, as Ca'rl Groobur can attest to, now that he lives on Sullust with a wonderful view just oh so close to the hot springs at Piringiisi. So relaxing!

Of course there is much that accounts for that high price tag, not just supply and demand. For good quality dogs a proper pedigree must be assured. Inbred neks tend to have odd behavioral habits like submissiveness, which is not a desirable trait in battle dogs. Cybernetic enhancements don't come cheap, either. Most of all, proper training is essential. What good is a genetically and bionically enhanced killing machine if it doesn't know how to kill?

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