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Dark Horse Dark Horse X-Wing Rogue Squadron

Monthly Series

#1 The Rebel Opposition, Chapter 1
#2 The Rebel Opposition, Chapter 2
#3 The Rebel Opposition, Chapter 3
#4 The Rebel Opposition, Chapter 4
#5 The Phantom Affair, Chapter 1
#6 The Phantom Affair, Chapter 2
#7 The Phantom Affair, Chapter 3
#8 The Phantom Affair, Chapter 4
#9 Battleground: Tatooine, Chapter 1
#10 Battleground: Tatooine, Chapter 2
#11 Battleground: Tatooine, Chapter 3
#12 Battleground: Tatooine, Chapter 4
#13 The Warrior Princess, Chapter 1
#14 The Warrior Princess, Chapter 2
#15 The Warrior Princess, Chapter 3
#16 The Warrior Princess, Chapter 4
#17 Requiem For a Rogue, Chapter 1
#18 Requiem For a Rogue, Chapter 2
#19 Requiem For a Rogue, Chapter 3
#20 Requiem For a Rogue, Chapter 4
#21 In the Empire's Service, Chapter 1
#22 In the Empire's Service, Chapter 2
#23 In the Empire's Service, Chapter 3
#24 In the Empire's Service, Chapter 4
#25 The Making of Baron Fel
#26 Family Ties, Chapter 1
#27 Family Ties, Chapter 2
#28 Masquerade, Chapter 1
#29 Masquerade, Chapter 2
#30 Masquerade, Chapter 3
#31 Masquerade, Chapter 4
#32 Mandatory Retirement, Chapter 1
#33 Mandatory Retirement, Chapter 2
#34 Mandatory Retirement, Chapter 3
#35 Mandatory Retirement, Chapter 4


X-Wing Rogue Squadron Apple Jacks special
X-Wing Rogue Squadron #1/2 [in Wizard #67]
Star Wars Handbook Volume One: X-Wing Rogue Squadron

Rogue Leader

#1 Part One (of Three)
#2 Part Two (of Three)
#3 Part Three (of Three)

Previews / Reprints

Empire Strikes Back First Day Presentation (given out at select theaters showing TESB:SE, reprints #1/2)
X-wing Rogue Squadron #1/2 Platinum Edition (reprints #1/2)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair TPB (reprints #5-8 & #1/2)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Battleground: Tatooine TPB (reprints #9-12 and Apple Jacks special)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess TPB (reprints #13-16)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem For a Rogue TPB (reprints #17-20)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service TPB (reprints #21-24)
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Blood and Honor TPB (reprints #25-27)
X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Masquerade TPB (reprints #28-31)
X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Mandatory Retirement TPB (reprints #32-35)
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1 (reprints #1-8, Rogue Leader #1-3 & Star Wars Handbook Volume One: X-Wing Rogue Squadron)
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 2 (reprints #9-20 and Apple Jacks Special)
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 3 (reprints #21-35)


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