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Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika #2

[Also available in photo cover]

Story: Mike Kennedy
Art: Carlos Meglia
Coloring: Dave Stewart
Lettering: Steve Dutro
Cover: Andrew Robinson, Dave Stewart
Released: 01/10/2001

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (11/15/2004)


All the players are on Kalkovak, following the clue Jabba got from Garindan. They interrogate the local populace of Crevasse City looking for the whereabouts of Illyan Webble, the crazed madman who boasts that he saw a crystal statue. Han runs into Greedo, then they flee from Bossk, Dengar and IG-88. Then they literally run into Lando, who just hooked up with Jozzel (who has her own secret motivations.) Han learned from a Quarren that Webble was last seen leaving aboard a ship headed for Mon Calamari. That's where they all head, followed by the Hound's Tooth and Boba Fett's Slave I, with Zuckuss and 4-LOM not far behind.

[art cover]

[photo cover]


This part of the series consists mostly of characters interrogating people looking for clues as to the whereabouts of Webble. We learn that Jozzel, whose last name is Moffett, has a client interested in obtaining the statue, which explains her motivation further. Jozzel also seduces Lando, probably part of her whole secret plot to obtain the Vassilika.

It's pretty cool to read a reference to Dengar's grudge towards Han for a previous swoop incident, and Bossk's grudge for Chewie for another incident. We find a bit more about Sardu Sallowe. He speaks a hybrid dialect of Tusken and Jawa. He's covered in wrappings. He eats a dead bird. Is he a Tusken? Could that explain the bad english? I like this intriguing character so far. Too bad we only see him and his two companions Zuckus and 4-LOM for two pages in this issue. But that's understandable

In the letter column, one reader, even before he read the comic, was concerned with how the story would fit in the conitnuity, especially when Lando hates Han (for not paying the smugglers after the Ylesia raid) and they are not supposed to see each other until The Empire Strikes Back. Editor Dave Land's answer is that they are aware of previous material, but "I don't think this should limit us from telling fun and imaginative stories, which might not fit so nicely in with existing continuity." That is the whole problem right there. Of course it's possible to write a fun story, but why not put a little bit more effort and make it fit in the continuity as well? It's been done lots of times before by other writers. I think this is Dave Land's philosophy behind Star Wars Tales as well, which disturbs me a bit. I can understand a story should be liked or disliked on its own merits, but what's the point if it doesn't really happen, or worse if it screws up some previously established facts. I'll probably know more on where it fits during the novel Rebel Dawn by the end of the series, but so far I can see that the concerned reader may have been clairvoyant.

Another reader noticed that in one panel from issue #1 a Jawa gets smacked in the head by Embra's assistant Farquil, but we don't know why. Dave Land helpfully provides the panel without the word ballon that covered the Jawa's actions.


Like I said in my review to #1, the art suits this type of story well. One pet peeve though: I really don't like the way the Quarren are depicted. Actually, they don't look anything like Quarren. I did like the Hound's Tooth and the Falcon, and the first appearance of Greedo's funny little round ship that looks like an Ubrikkian 9000 Z001 landspeeder.

I didn't get to talk about the cover art in my review of #1, but Andrew Robinson's covers are stunning. The only thing on this one is why is Chewie's head cut off?


Once again, if you don't care too much about continuity and are able to enjoy a story for what it is, this one might be fun for you.

Rating: 6 / 10 At your own risk

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