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TOTJ Tales of the Jedi: Redemption #4
Writer: Kevin J Anderson
Pencils: Chris Gossett
Inkers: Andrew Pepoy
Colors: Dave Nestelle
Covers: Igor Kordey
Editor: David Land


Sylvar is dissatisfied with her blood hunt. She learns that Vima is missing and start out to find her. Together, Vima and Ulic begin to discover (and rediscover) the ways of the Force.

EnsViews Comic Review
Reviewed 11/01/98

I'm quite enjoying the characters in this story. Sylvar, the weak link thus far was greatly improved in her more subtle performance. Vima and Ulic remain very likable as well. The dialog is light, but fine.

However, I've come to the realization that with only one issue remaining, nothing is really going to happen in this series. There is virtually no plot at all. The creators have said all along that it is a character driven story, but I hadn't quite realized the extent.

I'm not necessarily complaining. I'm a Seinfeld fan, and nothing happened there either.

As with her character, Sylvar is much improved in rendering as well. The visuals in the blood hunt and aftermath were very entertaining. The Vima lightsaber training is also very cool. We don't see much of Jedi training with their sabers in a non-sparing manner, let alone female Jedi.

Despite some fun images, the art feels less deliberate and a little more rushed, particularly in the last half of the issue. It hasn't maintained the qualities and subtleties that made me compare it with 'Dark Knight Returns' back in issue #1. I suspect that tight timetables have caused the quality to suffer a little.

If you enjoy these characters, you'll enjoy the book... though overall quality seems to be sliding as the series goes on.

7/10. Recommended.


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