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TOTJ Tales of the Jedi: Redemption #3
Writer: Kevin J Anderson
Pencils: Chris Gossett
Inkers: Chris Gossett and Andrew Pepoy
Colors: Dave Nestelle
Covers: Igor Kordey
Editor: David Land


Vima finds Ulic and tries to convince him to train her. Sylvar attempts to find peace on her home world, but finds herself facing a struggle with the dark side of the Force.

EnsViews Comic Review
Reviewed 09/24/98

This issue is light on plot, but strong on character.

Both Ulic and Vima are very sympathetic here. Ulic is a haunted and defeated man whose current plight seems punishment enough for previous wrongs. Vima isn't a typical hardened shell victim that many neglected teenagers turn into. Instead, she's become vulnerable and soft with the prospect of the father figure she never had. (Yes, I know how cliche it sounds... but it rings true to me.)

Sylvar, the definite weak point in issue #2, comes off much better as well. We see the inner demons that cause her rage, not simply the rage itself. Jedi struggling with the light and dark side is very interesting when done well.

The art in the Vima/Ulic scenes is wonderful. You really get the sense of the centuries abandoned buildings, the "shattered" imagery of Ulic and Vima and the intensity of the storm.

The look of the architecture and landscapes of Sylvar's home world are very original and well done. The population, on the other hand, just don't look right. Nor does Sylvar who could almost be a different person in each panel.

I must exclude the entire 'blood hunt' scene where Sylvar and Tott are both great... especially the high energy running panels and lightsaber poses. The giant bugs, on the other hand, felt uninspired like something out of an old low-budget 'B' movie.

I haven't talked much about the color in this title. It has kept in line with the sketchy look of the book and has been consistantly solid. This issue, I took particular note of the detail in the color in the hair of the various characters. Very nice!

This title is back on track. If issue #2 turned you off, give it another chance.

8/10. Recommended.


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