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Star Wars #30 The Hunt for Aurra Sing Part 3 (of 4)

Scripting: Tim Truman
Pencilling: David? Fabbri
Inking: Christian Dalla Vecchia
Coloring: Dave McCaig
Lettering: Steve Dutro
Cover: Jon Foster
Released: 05/30/2001

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (01/05/2010)


After having their ship destroyed by Aurra Sing, Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi, Adi Gallia and A'Sharad Hett's escape pod is picked up by Senator Tikkes' cruiser. The Jedi insist on accompanying the Senator on his inspection of a nearby planet he recently acquired. While the Force tells them that they might cross paths with Aurra Sing again on that planet, the Jedi are also suspicious of the Senator's motives. After landing, the Quarren guards are attacked and when the Dark Woman shows herself the surviving visitors believe she was the attacker and shoot her. That's when Aurra Sing appears, ready to finish them all off.

[final cover]

[preview cover]


This story is really moving at a quick pace. Last issue, Aurra accepted a job to kill the Dark Woman and Senator Tikkes and learned from her employer that both were going to be on a certain unnamed planet (her employers just happened to coincidentally be living on another planet in the same system, but that's another story). Of course we know that the Dark Woman used to be Aurra's teacher, and her failure greatly affected both of their lives. This is further explored in some interesting narratives, told from both characters' POV.

First, the Dark Woman reveals that she has been living by herself on this planet for years, blaming herself for unleashing a monster on the galaxy and trying find refuge "from the rigors of my Jedi life." We've seen from previous issues (like #13 for example) that she sometimes leaves her safe haven to return to the Jedi Temple on special occasions, mostly when reports of Aurra Sing sightings turn up. I also wonder if this jungle planet with meteor showers is the same one where the Dark Woman will be killed later by Darth Vader (in the story "Extinction" from Star Wars Tales #1-2). The Dark Woman also reflects on those meteor showers, saying that it's ironic that such destruction of the vegetation brings about it nutrients to make it grow. More on that later.

For Aurra Sing's part, we again find out how much she really hates the Dark Woman (as we have seen also last issue) and is looking forward to meeting her for more reasons than just the money she's being paid by the Quarrens. "I should be paying them. I've waited a long time for this." She sets up some clever lures and traps, namely some explosive mines where most of Senator Tikkes' armed guards get killed. Aurra waits patiently for events to unfold, choosing to reveal herself once the Dark Woman has been injured. If Aurra is surprised to find Ki-Adi Mundi, his Padawan, and Adi Gallia alive after blowing up their cruiser, she doesn't show any sign of it.

When the Jedi are picked up by the Senator's ship at the beginning, they sense that there is more to Tikkes presence in this system than he is revealing. Their suspicions are raised when he shows signs of surprise that the Jedi wants to go with him to the surface of the planet instead of being dropped off at the nearest Jedi outpost. He definitely has something to hide, and we find out when Ki-Adi finds some shards of the fallen meteors which contain pure quald runium, which sounds like is some valuable mineral. What, a Senator motivated by greed? Who would have thought... So the stage is set for Aurra to finish her job, although she seems to be outnumbered. Can't wait to see how it all ends.


Again very good job on the artistic side of things. The starship scenes are handled just as well as the jungle action scenes. Characters look very interesting, Senator Tikkes is dressed just like Tessek in Return of the Jedi, everything is handled very well. And again, the cover by Foster is just amazing.


Aurra Sing face-to-face with her enemies.

Rating: 8 / 10 Recommended

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