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Star Wars #22
Twilight Part 4 (of 4)

Scripting: John Ostrander
Pencilling: Jan Duursema
Inking: Rick Magyar
Coloring: Dave McCaig
Lettering: Steve Dutro
Cover: Jan Duursema, Dave McCaig
Released: 09/27/2000

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (12/09/2009)


on Ryloth, Quinlan Vos confronts the one responsible for his memory loss, Pol Secura, finds his Padawan Aayla among her uncle's dancing girls. When he sees that Aayla's memory has also been wiped, Quinlan uses the Force to interrogate Secura who reveals that Chom Frey Kaa on Coruscant is the one behind the whole plot. Aayla tries to save her "Master" but acidentally kills him. Blaming Quinlan, Aayla runs away and Villie convince Quinlan to leave the planet before they are executed for political murder. On the way to Coruscant aboard Inferno, they receive a transmission from Mace Windu who warns Quinlan of the Dark Side and orders him to return to the Temple for re-training. However, Quinlan has his own reason for going there: Chom Frey Kaa. After stunning the Jedi, Villie delivers him to Frey Kaa as a prisoner and when he is certain that the bounty has been deposited in his account he frees Quinlan. Frey Kaa's confession has been recorded so when Mace Windu arrives he tells Quinlan to resist the Dark Side and not kill Frey Kaa. A lightsaber duel ensues, but Windu makes Quinlan see the light, and the amnesiac Jedi agrees to submit to re-training.

[final cover]

[preview cover]


After three issues of searching for his Padawan, Quinlan finds her pretty quick in this issue. When he enters Pol Secura's chambers, she is right there among the slave girls (kind of perverted to keep your own niece as a scantily-clad slave). Although Quinlan doesn't recognize her until Secura points her out to him. She also doesn't remember him or anything else, even when Quin gives her back her lightsaber. Finally confronting the one responsible for his condition, Quin threatens to strangle Secura with his own lekku and wrack his body with Force lightning, which he proceeds to do without hesitation! Of course having no memory, the Jedi Code and principles do not matter to Quin who brushes the Dark Side with this action. But he manages to bring out the identity of the patron out of Secura, but then continues to burn him with lightning. Seeing her slave master being tortured, Aayla tries to save him using a Force push that sends Quin and Secura flying over the balcony. Unfortunately, only Quin manages to grab hold of the railing. That sends Aayla running, and Quin sees his only link to his past slip away.

Having learned that the Twi'lek Chom Frey Kaa (who is obviously a substitute for Orn Free Taa who probably couldn't be touched because he might appear in Episode II) works in the Senate, Quin convinces Villie to fly them to Coruscant. The Council was advised of Quin's quest by Sheyf Tinte whom Quin visited in issue #20, and Mace Windu contacts Quin aboard the Inferno while they are on the way to Coruscant. He mentions their last meeting (from issue #17) and warns Quin about the Dark Side. He is to report to the Jedi Temple for re-training, but first Quin has a vendetta to carry out. He cuts the transmission and Villie manages to land them safely away from any authorities who would try to meet them. As Quin looks around not knowing where to find his target, Villie stuns him from behind and brings him before Frey Kaa.

When he wakes up, Quin is not fond of having being betrayed, and also learning that Villie was the one who smuggled the energy spider eggs from Kessel to Ryloth and transported Quin from Ryloth to where it all started at the beginning of "Twilight". But Villie has a plan and as soon as he learns that he was awarded the bounty he frees Quin, who is about to cut down the devious Twi'lek mastermind when Mace Windu himself interrupts him. There is more talk of the Dark Side, and the two Jedi fight but in the end Quin sees that it is better to bring the criminal to justice. He also agrees on being re-trained, and asks for his Padawan to be found and the same be done to her. The issue ends with a cool cameo by Darth Sidious himself, who is disappointed that Quinlan Vos had a brush with the Dark Side but didn't turn completely. Overall, this issue resolves the plot very effectively, while leaving room for more exploration of the Quinlan Vos character. And Villie of course!


The highlight of this issue, of course, is the Quin vs. Mace duel. It is very dramatic and the poses are amazing. At one point, Quin comes down on Windu with a flock of small flying creatures (thrantcills?) behind him, and Mace lets them pass by peacefully. This doesn't bring much to the story but is just extremely cool! That is the scene also depicted on the cover, so nice choice. Aside from that, the rest of the artwork is up to Duursema's usual greatness (action scenes, facial expressions, panel layouts, etc.)


Quinlan brings a criminal to justice and rejoins the Jedi Order!

Rating: 8 / 10 Recommended

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