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Knights of the Old Republic #27
Vector Part 3 (of 12)

Story: John Jackson Miller
Art: Scott Hepburn
Inking: Dan Parsons
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover: Dustin Weaver
Released: 04/23/2008

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (05/23/2008)


Zayne and Celeste escape the rakghouls and reach the communication center where they warn Coruscant and Cassus Fett of the dangers on Jebble. But Zayne goes back inside the citadel and is captured by the Mandalorian scientist Pulsipher who controls the rakghouls via the Muur Talisman. But when the talisman gets close to Zayne, it wants to change hosts, preferring someone who is Force-sensitive. Celeste arrives on time to prevent it and the talisman instead gets attached to her. Meanwhile, Gryph joins them with some new information but stops when he sees that Celeste has become the enemy.

[final cover]

[preview cover]


After last issues' events and revelations, Zayne and Celeste find a way to escape the citadel, while Gryph hacks into the data center's files to retrieve some bank accounts belonging to Jedi. What Gryph finds instead is a recording of Lucien Draay revealing information about the Muur Talisman and about Covenant Shadow Agents. The talisman is thought to have been created by the Sith Lord Karness Muur to turn people into mindless followers, thus creating what would become the Rakghoul plague. He also names a list of potential shadow agents for the mission, and among them is Celeste Morne. But will he be able to bring that information to Zayne on time?

As it turns out, he doesn't need to. After escaping the pursuing "Mando-raks" and leaving them to fight the remaining Mandalorian soldiers, Zayne and Celeste proceed to the communications dome where they want to alert Coruscant. Before they reach it, Zayne pours his heart out by telling her how he was framed by the Covenant for a crime that they comitted. Celeste pretends not to know the Jedi Masters, but her attitude toward Zayne seems to soften. And that may just save Zayne's life; he walks in just after Celeste reported to Lucien and was given the order to kill Zayne. Then Zayne calls out to Cassus Fett who is approaching the planet and warns him not to land to avoid the rakghoul plague. Unbeknownst to him, Celeste is struggling with her feelings, not sure if she should follow her orders or believe that this young Jedi is innocent. In the end, she decides to let him live, maybe convinced by his honorable act of warning an enemy of danger and his courage for his willingness to go back inside the rakghoul-infested citadel in order to find Gryph.

But she doesn't go with him, and it doesn't take long until Zayne is captured and brought to Pulsipher inside his lab. Pulsipher is now a little bit insane, ever since the talisman attached itself to his arm last issue. He goes on about being jealous that Cassus Fett has Mandalore's favor and planning to use the talisman to control everyone in the galaxy. Pulsipher also thinks that Zayne knows something about the talisman and threatens to put him inside the oubliette created by Sith Lord Dreypa. As the mad scientist puts his hand around Zayne's throat, the talisman jumps off and tries to attach itself to Zayne who is restrained to a table. Pulsipher does everything in his power to prevent it from joining with Zayne, but he has also lost his control over the Mando-raks who turn on him. Meanwhile, the talisman is inching closer to Zayne's face but Celeste arrives in time to rescue him (apparently saving Pulsipher at the same time). She strangely wants the talisman for herself, and Gryph then arrives in time to see her struggle with it and then get "chosen" by Karness Muur's spirit. The rakghouls threaten to attack and when Zayne and Gryph come to Celeste's help, they see that she has the talisman around her neck while the monsters rally around her.

At this point, much of the information about the talisman is known and I can see the work that went into creating this plot device to tie-in to all four Star Wars titles and form a year long crossover. In this issue, we find out more about Celeste and her allegiances, but unfortunately we don't get to know her much before she gets "possessed" by the talisman. Now I'm really intrigued to see how Zayne and Gryph will get out of this one (probably with some help from Cassus Fett) and how the "Vector" storyline will affect future events in the series.


I already mentioned how I don't like Hepburn's artwork, so I will talk about the covers. Mainly the details that are revealed in them if you pay close attention. The cover for this issue is very nice, but I can't believe I never noticed the talisman wrapped around Celeste's neck in the solicitations of the cover for issue #28. Also in this issue, we see inside Pulsipher's lad and all the strange artifacts that can be found there. He's got giant statues, iron swords and monted animal heads. But of more interest is a device that looks like a sleeping chamber which the Mandalorian calls an oubliette. I don't think it's a coincidence that this device looks like the one inside which Vader finds Celeste on the cover of Dark Times #11. It's all falling into place.


Story is getting better and better with each issue. However, the artwork isn't.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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