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Jedi Academy Jedi Academy - Leviathan #3
Writer: Kevin J Anderson
Penciler: Dario Carrasco, Jr
Inkers: Mark Heike, Bill Black, David Jacob Beckett
Colorist: Ray Murtaugh
Cover: Ray Lago
Editor: David Land


Kyp battles a monster, while a group of students from the academy arrive to help.

EnsViews Comic Review
Reviewed 12/29/98

This issue starts with three pages of a Jedi vs monster fight that shows some promise and allows me to hold out hope that we might be moving slightly away from this ALIENS rip-off. These hopes were dashed, however, a few pages later when the rest of the students discover the cavern with glowing green orbs. I didn't even need to turn the page that each of these sacks contained a little version of the leviathan monster waiting to attach themselves to the unsuspecting humanoids. ARG!!

While Kyp's fight with the monster was the most satisfying aspect of this title to date, I must say that I really don't care for the ghosts-of-the-miners-trapped-in-the-beast aspect of the story. To me, that doesn't feel like it belongs in the Star Wars universe at all.

Some may not like Kyp calling down the lightning on the creature, but I don't think that power is significantly different than the Emperor's power bolts in ROTJ.

I know that most concepts in the Star Wars films are heavily borrowed, but the last page "oh my, this crater we're standing in/by is actually the footprint of some terrible menace" shot was far to reminiscent of Matthew Broderick in Godzilla to be effective.

Anderson also loses points with me for making a reference to one of my least favorite items in Star Wars literature: the riding of rancors like horses on Dathomir. When people unfamiliar with SW literature ask me what's wrong with it, that's one of the examples I use.

The art continues to improve as the fight scenes were very well choreographed and the monster design was more than a simple retread. The character poses and camera angles were thought-out, interesting and well executed.

The color work of Murtaugh stole the show here with the glowing light of the pink saber, the dark and stormy skies, the hot metal in the mines and the cavern full of glowing green pods.

There's improvement in art, but not enough to make up for the lack of originality in other areas. There's an interesting fight scene, but I can point you to any number of non-SW comics if that's what you're looking for.

5/10. Not recommended.

Cover Image

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