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Dark Times #10 (Republic #93)
Parallels Part 5 (of 5)

Story: Mick Harrison
Art: Dave Ross
Coloring: Alex Wald
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover: Zack Howard, Brad Anderson
Released: 04/23/2008

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (05/17/2008)


On Mimban, Bomo Greenbark makes a stand against the crimelord Haka Hai in order to save his friends the crew of the Uhumele. Meanwhile on an unnamed moon, Master K'kruhk risks everything in order to save Jedi Chase Piru and the Younglings of Soaring Hawkbat Clan.

[final cover]

[preview cover]


This is definitely a fitting finale for "Parallels". Continuing where the last issue left off, Bomo Greenbark finds an explosive way to get inside the armory of Haka Hai's compound. With the help of pilot Crys Taanzer, he arms himself to the teeth and sets up a defensive position in the coutryard outside the base, expecting the pirates to come back after hearing the explosion. On the way, they meet Ratty and free him from his chains. Then Bomo begs them to use the upcoming distraction as a chance to reach the ship and escape. However, Crys only leaves for a short time to return with even more weapons. At the same time, Ratty goes to free the rest of his shipmates (Captain Schurk-Heren, Ko Vakier and Mezgraf) from their cell. They arm themselves but they arrive too late... Bomo has decimated the entire gang of pirates!

These scenes are intercut with K'kruhk's story. Armed only with his lightsaber and a bow, the Jedi Master and Piru plan to rescue the Younglings who are held captives at a camp outside the pirates' ship while it's undergoing repairs. The two Jedi combine their abilities to pelt a rain of deadly arrows into Lumbra's group of thugs. Thanks to Piru directing them with the Force, every arrow kills its target (sometimes even two), and no ammo is wasted. Caught by surprise, the thugs quickly go for cover, and when one of his men finds Piru freeing the children, Lumbra shouts for K'kruhk to show himself otherwise the hostages will be killed. But K'kruhk runs right at them, and in front of the other Jedi he dispatches each and every opponent.

K'kruhk's and Bomo's actions are very "Parallel"; they both have to vent a lot of anger, for the horrors of the war, for the loss of loved ones. But the consequences are different. While K'kruhk chooses to separate himself from his prot?g?s so they can forget the terrible actions they witnessed him committing, Bomo is welcomed into the crew for risking his life for them. The crew of the Uhumele understand what Bomo has gone through, and they see him as a perfect ally. While I'm a bit disappointed that the two storylines didn't merge, I find this conclusion very satisfying. In any case, they can meet later there is still lots of room for more stories.


So we're back to one artists, and it's my favorite one of the two who worked on this series. Dave Ross is the one who started the story arc in issue #6 before alternating pages with Lui Antonio in issues #7-9. Unfortunately, Ross has to use Antonio's awful alien designs for Haka Hai's thugs. Fortunately, he does it well. The artistic circle is now complete.


Violent action aplenty! A must-read for any fans of the series.

Rating: 8.5 / 10 Highly Recommended

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