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Clone Wars Adventures Volume 2

Cover: The Fillbach Brothers, Dan Jackson
Editors: Jeremy Barlow, Randy Stradley
Released: 11/17/2004

Reviewed by: JF Boivin (11/21/2004)


This one has three more cartoon-inspired tales, starring Obi-Wan and Anakin, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barris Offee (although I don't see why they have to specify that she's her Padawan on the back cover), and Mace Windu. The cover is very cool. I still don't have any place to put these digests, except with Alien vs. Predator: Thrill of the Hunt. Hopefully, Dark Horse will make more comics in this format to fill my bookshelf...

"Hide in Plain Sight" Free Comic Book Day

Story: Haden Blackman
Art: The Fillbach Brothers
Coloring: Wil Glass
Lettering: Michael David Thomas

In the skies of the planet Terra Sool, Obi-Wan and Anakin flying aboard their Jedi Starfighters help the local militia fight off the Separatist forces.

There is a framing story, which is the scene from A New Hope (necessitating the "additional dialogue by George Lucas" credit) where Old Ben tells Luke about his father. Have you ever wondered why he tells Luke his father was the best star-pilot in the galaxy? Well this story shows some of his handywork, zigzagging amidst hordes of droid starfighters. Obi-Wan is not bad either, as he crashes on a huge gunship and infiltrates its bridge. The end framing sequence is Darth Vader after he killed Obi-Wan. This is the first time in Star Wars fiction I see the timeframe based on the Battle of Coruscant. It's going to get pretty hard to keep track of all these stories taking place before or after the 6 different battles from the movies. Not looking forward to that. But this is the first story in this series, or in all Clone Wars fiction in fact, to have a framing story set in the Classic Trilogy era.

The Fillbach bros illustrated two of last issue's stories, and all three of this issue's, and they deliver exactly the right tone and style. There is a lot of aerial combat in this one, and it's pretty easy to follow the action. It's also cool to see "cartoonized" versions of Luke, Old Obi-Wan and Vader. But why doesn't cartoon Old Obi-Wan look like cartoon Clone Wars Obi-Wan? Also, it's cool that someone (is it the writer or the artist?) remembered that Anakin's fighter was destroyed in the cartoon, but why is he flying a Jedi Starfighter with Artoo Deetoo? I thought the droid was with Padm?. Also, don't these starfighters only have enough room for an R2 unit's head? Oh well, this is just a cartoon after all.

"Hide in Plain Sight"
Story: Welles Hartley
Art: The Fillbach Brothers
Coloring: SnoCone Studios, Ltd.
Lettering: Michael David Thomas

Five months after the Battle of Geonosis, Luminara and her Padawan are on the planet Nadiem preparing to counter an assault led by General Grievous. Can they evacuate the civilians before the droid army hits?

This is the only story so far that specifies the timeframe in the narration. It was previously offered on Free Comic Book Day as a stand-alone, regular-sized comic. This one is not written by Haden Blackman, but you won't even notice a difference. It is a very good story, I think, that shows the bravery of the Jedi, and that they are prepared to put their lives on the line to help the helpless. During the evacuation, there's a part where a civilian wants to bring along Elrod, his pet eopie. I thought that was pretty funny. But then Luminara asks the civilian if he would prefer bring his eopie on the ship, or allow someone else to bring three children instead. Very poignant stuff.

It's nice to see General Grievous in his cartoon incarnation again, although he doesn't take part in the action. But we've all seen what he can do anyway.

"Run Mace Run"
Story: The Fillbach Brothers
Art: The Fillbach Brothers
Coloring: Wil Glass
Lettering: Michael David Thomas

After being hit by a missile, Mace Windu's transport crashes on an unnamed planet. He is the only one to survive, but his mission must continue, for many lives depend on him.

The Fillbach brothers contribute their own story. The narration is progressive. At first, it seems like it's just going to be another Jedi-smashes-battle-droids story, but then there is a cool twist where we find out the planet Mace is on was rigged with a "planet killer" bomb. After Mace diffuses it, the alien that was trying to sell it to Count Dooku is taken away. Dooku says he's going to continue his plans for his own planet killer (Death Star, anyone?)

What more can I say that wasn't already said? Again, nice work.


This one's another winner, especially if you like the cartoons, but also if you're a fan of the Star Wars movies.

Rating: 9 / 10 Highly Recommended

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