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Topps Star Wars: Jedi Legacy Card Series

Posted By Chris on February 5, 2013

Fresh off the amazing Star Wars: Galactic Files card series, Topps is producing the next big thing in trading cards with the Star Wars: Jedi Legacy set due out this coming May.

First time ever: REAL Star Wars Relics!
◊ For the first time in Topps history, real Star Wars relics can be found in Jedi Legacy. Look for Chewbacca Hair, Ewok Fur, and Jabba the Hutt’s Barge Sail!

Jedi Legacy story line
◊ See the epic story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader play out with a depth never seen before.
◊ Jedi Legacy base cards compare the extraordinary experiences that father and son endured on their long journeys to become Jedi Knights.

Extensive Jedi Legacy Card Set
Featuring 135 Trading Cards
◊ 90 Base Cards that tell the story of Luke and Anakin Skywalker
• 45 “A” cards featuring Anakin/Vader
• 45 “B” cards featuring Luke
• Light Saber parallels (Blue, Magenta, Green)
• Ultra rare 1:10 gold parallel

◊ 45 Insert Cards with three different themes
• Influencers, Connections, and The Circle is Now Complete

Exciting storyline comparing the journeys of the two most popular Jedi from Star Wars

* Card Art Not Final

Insert cards add depth to the epic Jedi Legacy saga

Influencers (1:2): 9 characters who influenced Luke and 9 characters who influenced Anakin/Vader
Connections (1:2): 15 cards depicting characters who played a role in both Luke and Anakin/Vader’s journeys

* Card Art Not Final

Connection and Influencer insert cards connect “A” and “B” base cards through colliding light sabers

Bonus “Circle is Now Complete” insert provides exciting chase value for avid set collectors

The Circle is Now Complete (1:12): 12 cards illustrating 6 encounters between Luke and Vader (die-cut cards, tapered at the bottom to fit into a circle)

* Card Art Not Final

Jedi Legacy Film Cel Relics feature 45 different card designs to collect!

Single Film Cel: 30 cards featuring scenes and original film from episodes 4, 5, & 6
Double Film Cel: 5 cards featuring scenes using original film of both Luke and Vader
Triple Film Cel: 10 cards depicting Luke and Vader from episodes 4, 5, & 6 with original film

* Card Art Not Final

Printing Plates and major celebrity on-card autographs add star power!

Printing Plates: 540 printing plates used in the production of the Jedi Legacy base and insert cards
Autographs: 20 separate actors from all 6 Star Wars episodes including Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher!

* Card Art Not Final

The best Hits ever offered in Topps Star Wars Trading Cards including REAL Star Wars Relics!

REAL Chewbacca Hair: Chewbacca hair from the original Star Wars trilogy
REAL Ewok Fur: Swatches from Logray, Teebo, Wicket, and other Return of the Jedi Ewoks
REAL Jabba’s Barge Sail: Swatches from Jabba the Hutt’s barge sail in Return of the Jedi

* Card Art Not Final

Product Content

In stores - May 22, 2013

Product Mix:

Hobby Single Pack (8 cards per pack) - $4
Hobby Box (24 cards per box) - $96

Insert Rates:

Connections - 1:2
Influencers - 1:2
Circle is Now Complete - 1:12

Parallel Rates:

Blue - 1 per pack
Magenta - 1:6
Green - 1:24
Gold - 10 for each base card

Hobby Box Hit Rates:

Single Film Cel - 1 per box
Autograph - 1:3
Ewok Fur - 1:5
Double Film Cel - 1:6
Triple Film Cel - 1:6
Jabba Barge Sail - 1:14
Printing Plates - 1:30
Chewbacca Hair - 1:30

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