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Canadian Pin Set

Posted By Dustin on May 2, 2005

Canadian Star Wars fans and collectors have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the Star Wars Saga with the Star Wars Official 2005 Pin Collection, brought to you by Activa Consumer Promotions.

This collection includes a glossy collector?s album and 20 galactic character pins spanning all six episodes. The collector?s album features character summaries, photographs, and episode reviews, plus a special place for each of the 20 Star Wars character pins. There is a mix of popular characters from the original trilogy, such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, as well as more recent character additions including Anakin Skywalker and Padm? Amidala.

To start this epic collection, consumers from across 4 major markets in Canada will be able to get a FREE Star Wars Pin Album through the following newspapers: The Toronto Sun, Le Journal de Montreal, Winnipeg Free Press, and The Ottawa Sun. Then, during the days that follow, consumers can purchase their Star Wars character pins from participating retailers, for only $2.69 plus taxes each.

Gary Del Bianco, Director of Marketing and Promotions for Activa says, ?We are thrilled to offer consumers a collection associated with the most successful film series of all time ? Star Wars - just prior to the much anticipated release of Episode III on May 19th. The Star Wars Official 2005 Pin Collection unites all six episodes and commemorates this unforgettable space odyssey in a way that fans have never seen before.?

This is a collection for all time with a story for all generations. It is a must-have for Star Wars fans and collectors of all ages!

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eBay Today 1345: The Rarest Of Rare Kenner Action Figure
Posted By D. Martin on May 24, 2013:
eBay Today 1345: The Rarest Of Rare Kenner Action Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Deluxe Darth Vader Is Up!
Posted By D. Martin on May 23, 2013:
Sideshow Collectibles Deluxe Darth Vader Is Up!

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