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NAME: Revenge of the Jedi - Advance
YEAR: 1982
DIMENSIONS: 27"x41" (One Sheet)
VARIATIONS: Yes, one with and without the date. (No date is more rare.) There is also a spanish language version and some foriegn versions that use the artwork.
FOLDED OR ROLLED: Both, rolled is more rare
This is the infamous Revenge of the Jedi one sheet teaser. The art direction and design were by Bill Pate. Photographic special effects were done by Ron Sato of Satographics. Retouch illustration was done by Drew Struzan. It hit theaters in Christmas 1982. Drew Struzan talked about it in Star Wars Galaxy Collector #1 (Feb. 1998) with Gary Gerani:

The challenge for the Revenge of the Jedi teaser one-sheet, promoting the trilogy's third installment before its final title was announced, was a bit more basic. "I wanted to do something a little different," the artist recalls. "It was a simple idea, more scale than anything else: the head of Vader in a big background, with a little-bitty laser fight out in front. There wasn't an established look to [Jedi's advertising] at that time; the styles were all over the place. So the poster stands out as a peculiar one."

Note how the lightsaber colors are switched on the characters. It is something pointed out by fans to this day.

There are two versions...one with a release date (above) and one without a release date (below). The one without the date was the first shipped with the second coming soon after. The story goes that only a couple of these were shipped to theaters before the name change and some were also discovered to be missing. When the missing posters started to show up on the market for several hundred dollars Lucasfilms and/or 20th Century Fox decided to let the fan club sell the remaining print run (thought to be around 9000 total for both versions) to collectors. Word is they were $3.00 and needless to say they didn't last long. They reportedly sold out in 3 days. Today these are much sought after and not to difficult to find. The vast majority of these are bootlegs. There are at least 3 different known forgeries of this poster. The most common is folded, has a blurry Fox logo and the entire poster isn't as crisp as it should be. Another well know forgery is rolled but was made from a photograph of a folded poster so you can see the horizontal fold lines if you look close. I would just say right now that there are not many rolled originals. Most of the originals were folded, but a few were rolled. I would be very careful (and very wary) of purchasing a rolled one. The effect of all these forgeries has been to artificially depress the price of originals, and that is bad for everyone. Be VERY careful when buying one of these. Remember to look at the logos and make sure that they are virtually perfect, and make sure that there are no blurred lines. Read on below to find out about a recent fake compared to an original.

The Star Wars Poster Archive added this info on the fakes:

There have been 3 major fakes of the 'Revenge' poster (not counting the 27x40 reprints). The first fake was done from a folded poster so there are fold lines in the printing. To cover this, they folded the posters so you have to look real close at the fold lines. The second was done from a rolled poster and was pretty good except the 20th Century Fox logo is fuzzy. But the 3rd fake was beautiful. It looks perfect except for one little flaw. On the original poster, the bottom right corner is solid black. The fake has a couple of little clouds. It looks like it's suppose to be there because just above it is clouds. Anyway 2000 were made in Japan and shipped over and crashed the 'Revenge" market for a while.

Information on New Bootleg

From: cgove1@aol.com (CGove1)
Subject: Info on Revenge poster fake
Date: 11 Apr 1997 18:32:00 GMT
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com

I now have heard from 2 people that have been ripped off by this new fake of the Revenge poster. Unlike previous bootlegs, this one DOESN'T have the date on it. Beware.

1997 European Revenge of the Jedi bootleg.

Overall 39 7/8"x 27 1 /2"
White side borders 1 5/8"
White top and bottom borders 1 1/16"
The Wording Star Wars and the line before and after it are orange.
The 20th Century Fox logo and the trademark/copyright line are dark blue.
The colors are lighter and have a "washed" look compared to an original.

Overall 41"x 26 7/8"
White side borders 15/16"
White top and bottom borders 1 1/16"
The Wording Star Wars and the line before and after it are yellow.
The 20th Century Fox logo and the trademark/copyright line are light blue.
The colors are deep and rich.

Original Poster Bottom (with Date, signed by Carrie Fisher and other cast)

Also visit MyMoviePosters for more info on spotting bootlegs of this poster.


Larger Image with Date

Revenge of the Jedi Advance without Date

Revenge of the Jedi Banner - Star Wars: "REVENGE OF THE JEDI" poster. Original poster issued by 20th Century Fox, in 1981, under working title "Revenge of the Jedi". Later changed to "Return of the Jedi" when the film was released. 15" by 40", black background with red lettering.

Larger Image

Japan - 7 1/2" x 10"

Return of the Jedi British Quad Advance - 30"x40"

Return of the Jedi Spanish Advance (US Printing)- 27"x41" - 1983

Return of the Jedi 10th Anniversary - Gold Logo (There is a Red variation)

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