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We compiled the information in this database from a variety of sources. Besides our own personal knowledge and collections, we rounded up information from books, magazines, online stores, online auctions, and a couple of websites devoted to Star Wars movie posters.


ToysRGus.Com - ToysRGus not only features a nice gallery of posters, but it features a great poster collecting article by Pete Vilmur, one of the creators of this database. It discusses how to collect, what to look for, what to avoid, and more. It's required reading for the poster collector.

Star Wars Poster Archive - One of only three sites online devoted to Star Wars movie posters. It currently only features American posters, but it's still a fantastic resource.

My Movie Posters - A fantastic resource on how to authenticate your Star Wars posters. He has side by side comparisons between fakes, reprints, and originals as well as images of many of the posters. Well worth checking out.

StarWars.Com - The official site has a few good poster resources, including the making of the Episode I poster.

StarWarsKids.Com - The official Star Wars ite for kids has a nice little collection of international Star Wars posters that's fun to look at.

DrewStruzan.Com - Official site of the world famous Star Wars artists. He has special features on the making of Star Wars posters and rare images of works in progress.

SciFiWebChannel.Com - Features a nice video interview with Drew Struzan talking about the creation of the Star Wars movie posters.

Star Wars Seller - A fan run trading post where you can find tons of posters for sale. These are not only the theatrical ones, but product and promotional posters, too.

BenAndGrover.Com - Features a nice gallery of some Star Wars poster images, both US and foreign.

www.scifi-movies.com - A nice gallery of American and foreign Star Wars posters. These are some nice scans.

Poster Image Archive - Features a small but decent collection of poster images, mostly of the recent movies.


www.dominiquebesson.com - Features a fantastic collection of foreign Star Wars posters. Not only is it a good source of images and information, but it has a good selection of rare posters for sale.

www.moviegoods.com - A good selection of original and reproduction Star Wars posters. Also has some rare foreign variations of some Attack of the Clones posters. Nice poster images, too, even if the URL is watermarked on them.

MoviePoster.Com - A good collection of original and reprint Star Wars posters. Also features vintage international posters. A great source of images and info.

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