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CV: Last Tour To Endor At Disney World

Posted By Mike on August 6, 2010

See the following announcement posted on the official Star Wars Celebration V site:

"Last Tour to Endor at Disney's Hollywood Studios? is a first-of-its-kind entertainment experience so incredible that not even the Rebel's Bothan spies have been able to steal the top-secret plans! The event gives longtime fans a chance to make one last flight to Endor before Star Tours "powers down" to make way for its new re-imagining in 2011. The evening culminates with Symphony in the Stars, a Star Wars fireworks spectacular as only Disney can create. So put on your favorite Star Wars costume and join your fellow fans for the ultimate Star Wars party during the ultimate Star Wars event ? Star Wars Celebration V!

Last Tour to Endor: Saturday, August 14, 2010. 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM Eastern. Entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios? opens to Event Guests at 4:00 PM Eastern. Round Trip transportation to/from Orange County Convention Center and Disney's Hollywood Studios? is included in the event ticket price.

The number of tickets available is limited. Events often sell out early. Tickets are valid only during specific event dates and hours. Entertainment and event components subject to change or cancellation without notice. Ticket types, entitlements and prices subject to change without notice. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable."

Don't miss out - click here to reserve your tickets to this exciting event right now! And after you've purchased your tickets, head on over to the official Rebelscum CV forums and chat about it with your fellow fans!

UPDATE: More details for the Last Tour to Endor Star Tours event can be found in a new SW.com interview with Walt Disney Senior Show Writer and Show Director, Jason Surrell...

"Why is the Last Tour to Endor such a special event for a Star Wars fan to attend? What are some of the key benefits that you think fans will enjoy most from this event?

As any Star Wars fan knows, Star Wars Celebration V -- like the four before it -- is the ultimate Star Wars fan experience, but this time it's taking place in Walt Disney World's backyard. Since Star Tours is the ultimate Star Wars thrill ride, we wanted to give fans the chance to "be among the first to be the last" to experience the attraction one last time before it "powers down" to make way for the new and "reimagineered" version of Star Tours, which is set to make its debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2011.

We're going to send Star Tours off in classic Disney style -- with a little help from some favorite Star Wars characters -- so fans aren't going to want to miss that. That's reason enough for a lot of fans to attend the party, but we've created an entire evening of live shows and events around this historic moment. On behalf of the entire creative team, I can tell you that Last Tour to Endor truly is an experience that has been created "by the fans, for the fans."

Disney is known for incredible fireworks spectaculars. Tell us about this one!

Needless to say, a Star Wars fireworks spectacular is an idea whose time has come -- in fact, it's long overdue! We gave our guests a little taste of what we could do with Star Wars in "Sorcery in the Sky" at Disney's Hollywood Studios and "Remember...Dreams Come True," Disneyland's 50th anniversary fireworks spectacular. But we have been waiting our entire careers to design an entire Star Wars fireworks spectacular, and "Symphony in the Stars" is just that.

Like this, only bigger. The Symphony in the Stars fireworks spectacular promises a Star Wars event like no other.
John Williams gave us some of the most memorable music in film history with his scores for the six Star Wars films, and we'll be using the best of the best to transport our guests to a galaxy far, far away. But it's more than just amazing music. We've also jam-packed the show with memorable dialogue and sound effects from all six Star Wars films, so odds are that if you love it, then it's in there.

It was quite a challenge to try and tell the entire Star Wars story in 12 minutes, but I think we've done that through all the beloved John Williams music, classic lines from George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, and Ben Burtt's sound effects that we've selected for the show. Everyone who has listened to our soundtrack has had a strong emotional reaction to it based on their love for the Star Wars films, so I can only imagine how fans are going to react when they see this show unfold before them in the skies above Disney's Hollywood Studios. My only regret is that we're only going to do this once!

Can you tell us a little about the Death Star Disco?

I know we're all celebrating Empire's 30th anniversary, but the Death Star Disco takes us straight back to the summer of 1977, at least musically! It's no secret that Star Wars fans like to have fun -- I've seen it at shows and cons all over the country -- so we wanted to create a dance party just for them. We're taking our design cues from the signature look of the Death Star, and the music will be all Meco, all the time. Just kidding! We'll probably throw a little Bee-Gees and Village People in there, too! And remember, it's the Death Star Disco Dance Party, so I'll let you try and figure out what our mirror ball is going to look like."

Visit SW.com for images and more from Jason Surrell.

Want to know more? Then make sure to click here for the full run-down!

UPDATE #2: TheDailyDisney.com has more about the Last Tour to Endor event on Saturday, August 14th and includes some info about an Indy/Star Wars crossover:

"Expect a mixing of Disney characters, the Star Wars universe and a few surprises from other films.

This show title gives a clue: ?Raider of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom: A Fan Film of Epic Proportions.?

?For the first time ever, we?re combining the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones at our Epic Stunt Spectacular Stage,? says Jason Surrell, senior show writer and show director for Walt Disney Creative Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering.

The show?s plot revolves around two filmmaker who have a competiton to make their next project on the Disney backlot. One is a Star Wars fan, the other favors Indiana Jones.

?They haven?t quite been able to agree on the story they want to tell, so they?re going to do both,? Surrell says.

The show will include cameo appearances from ?actual Star Wars celebrities,? he says. The script has been blessed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

?They?ve read it, they?ve approved it,? Surrell says. ?It?s allowed us to combine these two worlds and characters for the first time in a very fun and tongue-in-cheek way.?'

Thanks to Matt R. for the heads up!

More details with video now up at SW.com.

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