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CV: Force Of Fetts Panel Coverage

Posted By Eric on August 13, 2010

Today's first event on the Celebration Stage was Jay Laga'aia's conversation with Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan. The panel began with a short intro video consisting of jokes about Laga'aia's storied film career. The video featured movie clips dismissing his work, including Leia's "I have a bad feeling about this." Similar videos were shown on the theater's three large screens when Laga'aia introduced Jeremy and Daniel.

To open the panel, Jay presented a series of greetings from notable Star Wars crew members. John Williams, Irvin Kershner, and Lawrence Kasdan welcomed fans to the convention and said that they were glad to see Star Wars living long and prospering. (No, wait...)

After Jeremy Bulloch joined Jay on the stage, Jay played a clip of a black-and-white film featuring a fourteen-year-old Bulloch, to give the audience some perspective on Bulloch's film career. Bulloch said that his father didn't support him becoming an actor. Mostly, Bulloch said, it was because he had failed every exam in school that he decided to pursue acting. Jay asked Jeremy about getting the part of Boba Fett for The Empire Strikes Back. Jeremy said that he got dressed up in the Fett suit for the audition, thought he would have to read for the role, and was then surprised when he was told that the "outfit fit so well" that he immediately got the job. Jeremy mentioned that he knew he could just stand still and look ominous; his helmet and body posture lent weight to his role and the costume spoke for itself. He said that, when fans ask him technical details about the suit (he mentioned a BlasTech rifle), he just tells them that it's "classified information."

Jay then showed a documentary clip of Lawrence Kasdan discussing the character of Boba Fett and his mystique and menace. Jeremy agreed with Kasdan's analysis and said that Boba is an unknown quantity. On the subject of Irvin Kershner, Jeremy said that the TESB director was "great fun" and would often grin at actors as if to say "you know what I mean [direction-wise] and how to do it." Jay also asked Jeremy about his part in TESB as Lieutenant Sheckil on Cloud City. Jeremy remarked that it was a good day of shooting; he spent it grabbing Carrie Fisher around the waist and pushing her into an elevator. He also mentioned that they gave him the Sheckil role because no one else was available.

As fans known, Jeremy also had a cameo in Revenge of the Sith as Captain Colton on the Tantive IV. Jeremy told Jay that it had been great to be working with George Lucas on the set of Star Wars again after so many years. When Jay asked him what had changed, the white-haired man responded, "I was older."

After a video reel of Daniel Logan's Boba Fett footage, Jay brought out the young New Zealander. Jay asked Daniel about getting the role of Boba Fett at such a young age. Daniel said that his agent called him sounding incredibly excited about having landed him an audition. At first Daniel was worried that she sounded so enthusiastic about one audition, but then his agent told him that it was Star Wars. Later, Daniel was playing PlayStation with his brother, and at the moment he was winning. So his brother decided to reveal to Daniel that the rest of his family had learned that he had been given the part of Boba Fett. Daniel, of course, threw down the controller and asked why he hadn't already been told. According to his brother, it was because they knew that Daniel had a "big mouth."

Of course, the conversation naturally shifted to a young Daniel's rapport with the more seasoned actors on the set of Attack of the Clones. Daniel said that Ewan told him to sneer at him as if he'd made "a really smelly fart." When Lucas called cut on that scene, Daniel said, Ewan cracked up and George asked Daniel to do it again but without moving his nostrils. Daniel had high praise for Temuera Morrison, saying that he was really a father figure to him on set. Temuera told Daniel, "You call me Dad, I'll call you Son." Daniel mentioned that he had always wanted to meet Temuera as a big fan of his work. Daniel also mentioned something funny about life in the actor lodging during AOTC filming. He said that at first he thought his own room was nice ("I made Hollywood!" he exclaimed), but upon walking around he discovered that other celebrities had even more plush accommodations. Temuera's room, he said, had "everything" in it and was much more lavish.

The on-set stories didn't end there, though. Daniel described a funny interaction he had with Hayden Christensen (whom he called a really nice guy). Hayden gave Daniel a Playstation in a break between shooting the Geonosian arena scene. (As Daniel describes it, where he's from, you take a gift even if you already have one.) Hayden and Daniel then decided to play Hayden's Dreamcast. (It really was the early 2000s!) Unfortunately, they used a foreign power plug, and the Dreamcast was fried. Daniel said he figured most people would have sat down and apologized to Hayden, but as he tells it, he just said "sorry" and took his new Playstation anyway.

To remind audiences of the on-set atmosphere back in the AOTC days, Jay Laga'aia introduced a video of Temuera and Daniel during shooting. A young Daniel Logan watched from the stage as a significantly-younger-looking Daniel Logan laughed and said "May the Force be with me!" on the screen.

Jay segued briefly into a discussion of bounty hunter parodies. He played a clip of a "Mandalorian Beer" commercial, and of course, the famous Robot Chicken Bespin dining room scene. Jay asked Jeremy what he thinks about these parodies. Jeremy said that parody is a form of flattery, and that he particularly likes the Robot Chicken material.

Jay then transitioned to discussion of Daniel's work on The Clone Wars. Daniel said that he had been pushing to get back into Boba's shoes, so when they called to let him have the role on the animated series, he immediately accepted. "Dave Filoni and the guys are amazing," Daniel said. He added that their guidance made it much easier for him in his voice-over role, which Jay noted was different from on-screen acting. Jay then played a clip from StarWars.com of Daniel talking about his role on The Clone Wars, and asked Jeremy if he watched the series. Jeremy said he's seen clips and called it "really good." When Jay brought up the aspect of "good bounty hunters" as seen in a Season Two episode, Jeremy responded, "There's no room at all for good bounty hunters," a comment which received loud applause.

Jay then played two clips before the Q&A segment. One was a "Good/Bad/Bounty Hunter" segment where a fast-talking announcer categorized various TCW characters depending on their allegiances. The second clip was the TCW Season 3 trailer that appeared recently on StarWars.com.

Daniel and Jeremy then took several questions from the audience. John from California asked if Daniel would play Boba Fett in the live-action series. Daniel responded that he didn't know. Alex from Texas asked Jeremy if he brought the Fett suit that The Dented Helmet had made him to Orlando. Jeremy said no, but he did mention that he was planning to wear the suit around his neighborhood. (Or, he joked, he could walk into a bank and ask for money.) The last few questions were about Daniel's voice changes from AOTC to TCW, and if Jeremy did special preparation for acting with a mask during TESB.

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