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C3: Legacy of the Force

Posted By Scott on April 23, 2005

A panel recently closed at Celebration 3 which revealed details on the new post-NJO book series. In attendance were Aaron Allston, Sue Rostini, Karen Traviss, Leland Chee, Shelly Shapiro, and Troy Denning.

The title of the series was announced as being "Legacy of the Force". The era will be referred to as the "Legacy Era". The first book in the series by Aaron Allston will be entitled "Betrayal". There will be a hardback followed by two paperbacks, then that's repeated through the 9 books. The first is due in June 2006 with the others to follow every 3 months. The books will feature conflict stemming from "planetary interests that threaten peace" and Luke will be plagued by visions of "approaching darkness". Much of it will take place in the Outlands. The book covers a 2 - 3 year span and the main characters will be in their 60s which the authors referred to as "the new 40s".

Returning characters will include all the majors plus Tenel Ka, Wedge, Saba, and the female Sith from the Marvel comics. Hobbie, Tycho, and Corran Horn will also have roles. It was also hinted that Anakin may return as a Force ghost. The biggest surprise was that Boba Fett and the new Mandalorians will play a major role in the series. Karen Traviss' book seems to be the one he will be most prominent in. Also look for new characters along the way as well as the heroes being in constant jeopardy. (They dodged questions on if there were more major character deaths.) The "New Jedi" from the previous books will now appear as "maturing Jedi" in their 20's. Also look for the mystery of Vergere to be resolved and a "cicrle" with the prequel era.

The authors and editors dodged questions on if the Sith will reemerge, if we'll se Ben piloting a strange starfighter (ala Luke's vision), or if Jacen has a romance. They said they are forbidden from covering the Whills or Yoda's race by mandate from Lucas. There are also no current plans for more Solo children. With the story still being written, they haven't decided if there will be an Imperial presence in the book. The authors also revealed that they had their first meeting on the series in November and have been corresponding closely on the plot ever since.

A few other items of interest emerged. Troy Denning revealed that Kyle Katarn has a role in Dark Nest as well as the Chiss. Raynar will reappear in the book as well. He's just been MIA, not dead. You will also see the rebuilding of Coruscant and the restoration of the government in this book. Denning also resolves Leia's status as a Jedi.

Those were the high points! Discuss.

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Posted By Chris on May 3, 2013:
10 new guests announced!

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Story updated inside

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Get your own tattoo at the show!

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Aayla, R2 and Greedo in Germany!

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