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SWCCG Holotable v0.8.0 (Base Program)

GTK Javascript (Needed for Holotable to work)

SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

SWCCG Holotable Large Images thru V12 (233MB)

SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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Universal Conditions:

1. Allowable Locations: Any Death Star or Yavin 4 location, or locations that could deploy to those systems or sites, plus holosites.

2. The Light Side objective Rescue The Princess is the only one that is allowed.


1 pt. Winning a Dejarik battle
1 pt. Doing a 'react' with a Lift Tube (once per game)
1 pt. Killing an opponent's trooper
1 pt. Killing a Dianoga
1 pt. Playing I'm Here To Rescue You
1 pt. Using Into The Garbage Chute, Flyboy
1 pt. Pulling off a Sabotage
1 pt. Playing On The Edge (once per game)
1 pt. Making a Noble Sacrifice
1 pt. Playing Let The Wookie Win
1 pt.Destroying a Laser Projector
2 pts.Completing Cell 2187
2 pts.Rescuing a captive
2 pts.Surviving 3 of your turns in the Death Star: Trash Compactor with presence
3 pts. If Obi-Wan Kenobi participates in a duel with Darth Vader
3 pts. If opponent initiates an action that causes them to lose the game


1 pt. Winning a Dejarik battle
1 pt. Doing a 'react' with a Lift Tube (once per game)
1 pt. Playing Trooper Charge
1 pt. Asking a question with a Hypo on IT-0
1 pt. Playing This Is Some Rescue!
1 pt. Playing We're All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner!
1 pt. Using any Tractor Beam on a starship
1 pt. Playing Retract The Bridge (once per game)
1 pt. Playing Full Scale Alert (once per game)
1 pt. Using an Observation Holocam
1 pt. Hitting a target with a Laser Projector
2 pts. Playing Besieged
2 pts. Keeping a captive for 5 of your turns
2 pts. Eating an opponent's character with a Dianoga
3 pts. Initiating a duel with The Circle Is Now Complete
3 pts. If opponent initiates an action that causes them to lose the game

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