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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

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SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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Universal Conditions:

1. No Objectives or Sectors.Allowable Locations: Only Hoth locations and one other system between parsec 2-6.

2. Starting Locations: LS:Hoth: Main Power Generators plus one other non Echo Hoth site. DS: Hoth:North Ridge plus one other non Echo Hoth site.

3. How this works: First, LS puts out the MPG and DS puts out the North Ridge.Next, both players simultaneously reveal the other site. The LS can reverse the North Ridge if they want (but that would be one less site the DS has to stomp in through).


1 pt. Crashing a Dark Side combat vehicle
1 pt. Opponent's combat vehicle leaves the table from play
1 pt. Initiating a battle with a Rogue T-47 and its matching pilot (2 pts. if matching gunner also aboard)
1 pt. Playing Mechanical Failure(once per game)
1 pt. Initiating a battle with 3 or more Light Side troopers at a site (once per game)
1 pt. Battling with Sergeant Hollis(once per game)
1 pt. Successfully using Under Attack on an opponent?s vehicle
1 pt. Playing Desperate Tactics
1 pt. Hitting a target with an Echo Base Trooper Rifle (once per game)
1 pt. Hitting a target with an artillery weapon
1 pt. Hitting a starship with a Planet Defender Ion Cannon
1 pt. Completing The First Transport Is Away!
1 pt.Deploying Disarming Creature on a Wampa
2 pts. Playing You Have Failed Me For The Last Time
3 pts. Killing a Wampa
3 pts. If opponent initiates an action that causes them to lose the game


1 pt. Crashing an opponent?s combat vehicle with Crash Landing
1 pt.Opponent's combat vehicle leaves the table from play
1 pt. Initiating a battle with a combat vehicle and its matching pilot
1 pt. Initiating a battle with Blizzard 2
1 pt. Destroying opponent?s trooper(s) with Wall Of Fire
1 pt. Battling with Sergeant Narthax (once per game)
1 pt.Successfully using Collapsing Corridor
1 pt.Deploying Breached Defenses (once per game)
1 pt. Hitting a target with an E-web Blaster
1 pt. Destroying an opponent?s artillery weapon
1 pt.Deploying Rebel Base Occupation
1 pt. A Wampa eats an opponent's character or relocates them to the Hoth: Wampa Cave
1 pt.Deploying Frozen Dinner
2 pts. Playing Debris Zone
3 pts."Blowing away" the Hoth: Main Power Generators
3 pts. If opponent initiates an action that causes them to lose the game

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