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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

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Turbolaser Emplacement
Weapon (Artillery)-Dest.2

LORE: Common defensive weapon on many planets. Powered by a boron fission reactor. Usually encased in permacrete. Has a tendency to overheat when fired repeatedly.

Use 3 Force to deploy on any exterior site. May use 2 Force to target a vehicle or starfighter at same system or related cloud sector. Draw two destiny. Target 'hit' if destiny>maneuver. May fire repeatedly for 2 Force up to two times in a turn (cannot be used again for one full turn).

Mara Jade's Lightsaber
Weapon (Character)-Dest.1

LORE: Lightsaber designed by Mara Jade while in service of the Emperor. Uses a rare jem to create the pink-white color.

Deploy only on your Mara Jade (for free), and you may then use as follows: Add 1 to a Force drain where present. OR Target a character for free. Character hit, and its forfeit=0, if total destiny>ability.

Royal Guard Force Pike
Weapon (Character)-Dest.1

LORE: Primary weapon used by the Emperor's Royal Guard. Powered by an ultrasonic generator. Includes a stun setting. Deadly in the hands of any Guardsmen.

Deploy on any Royal Guard. Adds 1 to power. May target a character for free. Draw destiny. Character hit, and its forfeit=0 OR character cannot move or battle until the end of opponent's next turn if destiny +2>ability.


Blast Doors

LORE: Commonly used to seal off a given area of a structure or large capital starship for protection against blaster fire or to cut off an escape route. About a half a meter thick.

Deploy between two interior sites (open). At any time, you may use 1 Force to open (face down) or close (face up) Blast Doors. OPEN: All characters may move to adajcent site as normal. CLOSE: No characters may move to adajcent site except if Narrow Escape is immediately played.

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