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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

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A 1,000 Terrible Things

LORE: "You hear that?"

Deploy on table. Once per turn you may take into hand one STAP or Activate The Droids. OR Deploy one blaster rifle on one of your Battle Droids from your Reserve Deck; reshuffle. (Immune to Alter.)

The Jedi Council

LORE: The members of the Council are seasoned Jedi Masters who prefer to manage the workings of the galaxy through politics and its many Jedi Knights. The Sith exploit this weakness well.

Deploy on table. You take no battle damage when defending a battle against an opponent's [Coruscant] Jedi. Also those Jedi may only target your Dark Jedi with weapons and are deploy and move +1 to non-Coruscant locations.(Immune to Alter.)

Activate The Droids

LORE: "Ouch time."

Deploy on table. Once during each of your control phases, may use 1 Force: your Battle and Destroyer Droids are landspeed=0 until the start of your next turn. Also, when your Battle Droid is forfeited it may go to your Force Pile instead.

Deepdock Facility

LORE: Large, mobile space facilities where capital starships are brought to be repaired. Can also be modified to build capital starships or torpedo spheres.

Use 5 Force to deploy on one of your systems. A capital starship you just lost may be placed here instead of Lost Pile. During your deploy phase, may use X Force to redeploy starship to same system, where X=half of starship's deploy cost. Armor=4. Hyperspeed=1. (Immune to Alter.)

*Opening Ceremony

LORE: "...I would like you to be my guest at a ceremony that will make this battle station operational."

Lose 2 Force to deploy on Alderaan. If "blown away" before any other systems, opponent loses 6 Force (8 if Tarkin or Leia on Death Star; 12 if both). All opponent's Alderaanians add one battle destiny for remainder of game. (Commence returns to your hand.)

Effective Demonstration
Immediate Effect-Dest.3

LORE: "Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration, but don't worry. We'll deal with your Rebel friends soon enough."

Use 2 Force to deploy on any planet system (except a Rebel Base system) just "blown away" opponent loses 4 Force copy of this Effect on table and Commence Primary Ignition goes on top of your Force Pile. Opponent may cancel his Force loss by voluntarily revealing his system for Hidden Base.

*A Day Long Remembered
Immediate Effect-Dest.6

LORE: "This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi. It will soon see the end of the Rebellion."

If you just destroyed a Rebel Base, deploy on opponent's side of table. For remainder of game, opponent's Rebels battle at half power (round down). Also, you may retrieve 2 Force for each battle you win involving a Rebel. (Immune to Control).

*Lock and Load

LORE: Common TIE pilot jargon meaning to arm weapons.

Use 2 Force to deploy on your side of table. When your starfighters are firing you may add 2 to each weapon destiny draw (3 if the starfighter is being piloted by the matching pilot). If opponent's starship is 'hit,' forfeit=0. (Immune to Alter.)

*Hyperdrive Malfunction

LORE: "The hyperdrive motivator has been damaged. It's impossible to go into lightspeed." Something Han heard way too often.

Use 2 Force to deploy on an opponent's starship (free if Falcon). Hyperspeed=1. Opponent must pay 2 Force to move starship. Effect canceled if starfighter lands at any docking bay.

*The Bounty Hunter's Guild
Effect-Dest.3 (DB)

LORE: Bounty hunting guilds are a good way to build a reputation. They also provide quarries, equipment, and even retirement benefits. All for a price, of course.

Deploy on your side of table. Your bounty hunters deploy-2 (except IG-88), are forfeit +2, and add 3 to forfeit of their captives. Also, you may use 1 Force to search your Reserve Deck for a weapon or device that deploys on a bounty hunter. When 'collecting' bounties, subtract 2 from total. (Immune to Alter.)

*Instrument Of The Dark Lord

LORE: Lando's past made him the perfect tool with which to carry out Vader's plans.

Use 2 Force to deploy on your Lando on Cloud City. Cannot be replaced. When present on Cloud City with Vader and a bounty hunter, you may use 3 Force to immediately capture Han, Chewie, or Leia (free if bounty hunter is Boba Fett). Effect cancelled if Dark Deal cancelled.

*This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time
Immediate Effect-Dest.5

LORE: "Lord Vader, what about Leia and the Wookie?" "They must never again leave this city." "That was never a condition of our agreement, nor was giving Han to this bounty hunter!"

Use 3 Force (free if your Lando on Cloud City) to deploy on table if you just Force drained using Dark Deal. You may repeatedly use 1 Force to cumulatively add 1 to a Dark Deal Force drain. (Immune to Control.)

*The Price Of Betrayal
Immediate Effect-Dest.3

LORE: Lando knew that disobediance of the Dark Lord's orders meant losing Cloud City and most likely his life.

If the Light Side just cancelled Dark Deal, deploy on your side of table. Your characters and TIEs are deploy-2 Bespin locations. Also, your cards may deploy and move as a 'react to these locations and cloud sectors. (Immune to Control.)

*This Place Is Dangerous
Effect-Dest. 4

LORE: "Of course I'm worried. And you should be too." "Oh, I told you it was dangerous here." Threepio gave up being a tour guide along time ago.

Use 2 Force to deploy on any system. During your deploy phase, you may deploy one site related to that system directly from your Reserve Deck. Reshuffle. (Immune to Alter.)

*Desert Conditions

LORE: Between its extremely hot daytime temperatures, bitterly cold nights, and quick moving sandstorms and gravel storms, Tatooine's deserts are definately to be avoided.

Deploy on Tatooine system. At the end of each player's turn, for every character that player has present or missing at a non-interior Tatooine site (except Mos Eisley and Spaceport sites), that player must lose 2 Force. Your Gravel Storm destinies are +2 and Gravel Storm is a Used Interrupt.

*Moment Of Truth

LORE: "Master Yoda...is Darth Vader my father?" "Your father he is. Told you did he?" "Yes." "Unexpected this is..." "You must face Darth Vader again." "I can't kill my own father."

Deploy on Luke of ability< 6. Cancels I Am Your Father. When present with Vader, Luke cannot target Vader with a weapon and does not participate in battles at same site. (Immune to Alter.)

*Armed and Operational
Immediate Effect-Dest. 2

LORE: "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station."

If opponent just initiated a battle at Death Star or system it is orbiting, deploy on Death Star. Superlaser immediately deploys from your hand or Reserve Deck (reshuffle). Once each turn, you may target an opponent's capital starship with Superlaser. (Immune to Control.)

*Force Lightning

LORE: A deadly dark side power used by Dark Jedi. May temporarily or permanently damage a being's internal organs, causing fatigue, sickness, or even death.

Deploy on a Dark Jedi. Once per turn you may lose 1 Force to target an opponent's character present. Cumulatively subtract 2 from power. Character cannot battle or duel for one full turn. If power reaches 0, character is placed out of play and opponent loses Force equal to character's original power.

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