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Brooklyn Park, MN
by Chris Perman (Rebel Srike Team)

Last evening, I had the opportunity to participate in the JK Pre-Release party in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota (right outside of Minneapolis). This was held at Outpost 2000, a local game/comic shop, that has become a center for Young Jedi in the area. Of all of the retailers I had contacted in regards to Jedi Knights, Jeff Prentiss at Outpost 2000 was by far the most enthusiastic for the release of Jedi Knights. I was happy to hear that Outpost had received a pre-release, and Jeff was excited to make it a great experience for all.

I arrived right around the start time of the event. Already, I was the 31 person signed up. I talked with Jeff a bit about the evening events. Players from Madison and Milwaukee had traveled to participate. I bought some new sleeves to use for my newly created decks that I had built earlier that day from the JK product Decipher had sent me (Thanks big D!:)) Anyway, I rapidly sleeved my decks and then put them away where they would stay the rest of the evening. Bill Staycoff, Jedi Council member in our area, had already begun helping out with demos. I began my demo services with Eugene and Michael Waara, a father and son who had come out together to learn how to play. We set up the play mat and an epic confrontation between father and son began (though the son played Vader and the father played Han). Michael was about 10 years old and was easily distracted by the new cards and excitement going on.

Not long after things began, Dion Erbes, Squadron Member, showed up with a crew who had been to his tournament in St. Cloud. Many of the familiar SW:CCG players were now here as well learning how to play and ooing and ahhing over the cards they got. The place was completely a buzz to the point it was hard to concentrate at times and you had to speak with a raised voice. My demo with Eugene and Michael progressed slowly as I wanted to make sure that everything was covered. After making it through one planet, there was a drawing for prizes. Eugene and Michael managed to win another 2 packs of JK and quickly opened them. Michael wanted to use the Vader's saber he had gotten, but he would have to wait for another game before its use. Michael was getting the best of his father. Though Eugene was able to control space with a Tantive IV, Michael ruled the ground with Vader and countless troopers. At each of the first two planets, Vader defeated Han in battle and thus Michael won both of those planets.

After being there 2 hours and having demoed with Eugene and Michael for 1 1/2 of those hours, I had to leave. Eugene and Michael were still just starting there 3rd planet, though by then Eugene had a good grasp on the game. I really wanted to stay later and see how every one else was doing with the game, but I had to leave. I really had a good time running that demo.

Though my time at the pre-release was limited, there was no mistaking the excitement for JK going on. Some of those who were skeptical seemed to be impressed, though they were still just scratching the surface of the complete scope of this game. I have a good feeling about this game coming away from the pre-release. I forsee good things happening from it and look forward to watching it grow.

That is all from me. Hope you enjoy your adventures in this wonderful new game.

by Dion Erbes (Rebel Srike Team)

The excited here started on Monday when I recieved an E-mail from Jeff PRentiss, the owner of the Outpost 2000 in Brooklyn Park, MN. The e-mail said that he was hosting a pre-release and contained all the info for it. I then passed this along to all og my SWCCG players. The Outpost is the store were all(or most) of the YJ tournaments take place. They have also been the store that has shown the most interest in the Jedi Knights. I was glad to see that they were hosting the event.

On Tuesday at the weekly Mirkwood tournament several player indicated that they were going to go. They were all asking questions about it and the time frame. They were concerned because I was running a SWCCG tournament the same day as the pre-release (which was at 6pm) in a town that was an hour away. They wanted to be able to do both. I told them that we should be done in time to be able to go. The players then asked for a quick demo between games and the players wanted one during the next game. I was glad to do this and excited to see the interest in Jedi Knights.

Well Saturday came. During my tournament I have 31 players. Several different players asked about the pre-release. I I took out my demo decks and let them sit on the table. The bye players asked to learn to p[layer. The demo decks where always in play. The players the would learn to player were teaching other and those were teaching others. It was really quit cool. I heard quotes like, "This is an awesome game, I really this this game, you've got to try this game, I can wait to get some."

My Tournament ended at 4pm, those that were going to the pre-release were on the road by 5:10. We all arrived at the Outpost about 6:20pm. There were about 40 players that, Our arrivial of about 10 people, put us at 50. It was great to see. There were lot of people playing, getting demos, and having fun. Chris Perman (former Red 95), Bill Staycoff (JC), and Nick Kolnick (Bravo 63) were all on hand when I arrived and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I ended up demoing to about 2 groups at time and answering a lot of questions. The player were very impressed with the cards. I was glad to see that some of the art work was different than what we had in the demo decks.

There were people that drove from Wisconson and South Dakota to come to the event, but no one from Iowa or North Dakota.

Through out the night there were 3 raffles. The first and second were for 2 packs and the 3rd was for a box of first day. The winners of the raffle were very thankful and excited.

I stayed until about 11:30pm. The place was buzzzing all night long. When I left there were still about 10-15 players hanging around still playing and having a great time.

Thanks to Decipher for letting one of these event come to MN!!! It was a blast.

I'll still looking foward to opening my boxes when they come.

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