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southern California Pre-Release
by Todd Hitchcock (Rebel Strike Team)


I created a 52 card count light side deck which used all the support cards for OB1 and Han. I came across many different kinds of decks and at the end of the day I was 8-0 with no Final Confrontation needed in any of the games. Many of the roundsI didn't even need to get Han's Blaster or OB1's lightsaber out.

With events that give +2 to his weapon and Gold 5 picking either of their weapons out of the discard pile it was impossible to stop. With the text of the sites allowing me to deploy for free any character card in my Theme deck I was assured to get ole Ben right back on the table. I didnt even have to worry too much about the intimidation factor because I almost always had a couple of aliens out with their low deploy cost.

In nearly every game I was able to find the Han OB1 connection before the end of the first control phase. Once I had it out I never lost it. I played previous California YJ Champions, who have been staying right up with JK and new as much about the rules as I did. In fact some of them knew facts about cards, etc. that I wasn't sure of. We also had a couple players that have won some of the larger SW tourny's, so these were not local kids picking up the game for the first time.

I am curious if there is any combination that is possible to defeat this combo, especially with their weapons. I focused most of my draw deck into high destiny and many +3, +4 tactical bonuses. Also, I used the cards that allow you to draw cards for various actions. This gave me tons of cards quickly.

I know I'm missing more of what made this work, but it is late. Help me with creating a dark side deck that can beat this combo. I left the group at the store around 11:30 with about 5 players brainstorming to create a dark side deck. I will be interested to see tomorrow what they came up with.

By the way this was for the southern california pre-release. It was great fun and we had about 35 people attend throughout the day. Most of the people that played it really enjoyed the fact that it was a quick play game that had some good strategy involved.

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