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(Introduced in the Premiere edition)
by Jeremy "Rogue 72" Oakes

Destiny: 4
Keywords: Deploy Phase
Tactical Bonus: +3
Game Text: Draw up to two cards (or draw up to three if your Hero is Han or Tarkin). Discard this event from play.

You?ve started with a poor hand. You?ve got nothing to deploy except your generic, more expensive, hero. OR, you have a hand full of characters but no blasters or Tactical Bonus to support them. In Hand you?ve got a copy of That?s No Moon. If you play this card at the beginning of your turn you can gain a quick advantage. Well now you just added 2 or 3 cards to your hand, which could be the difference between winning and losing a control check. Playing this card can be a little tricky. It plays during your deploy phase, which means you must gamble a little when choosing your Force Card. You may not be expecting to pull 2 characters that deploy for 3 each (Luke & Obi) and now you don?t have enough credits to deploy them, on the other hand you may expect to pull Luke & Obi so you choose a force card with the extra 6 credits and instead of pulling 2 Characters you get a Blaster and an Event. So you gotta play your cards right and with te proper risk & luck, this card will tremendously help your game. Let?s not forget the basics of the card. It?s another Destiny-4 and it?s a Tactical Bonus of +3. Those are stats that you wish EVERY card had. Now if we could all get enough copies of this card to put in all our decks!

4.5 Stars (Out of 5) -- Essential to ANY deck for ANY point in the game weather it be First Turn or Final Conflict!

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