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Now I Am The Master
by Arthur "Red 117" Wright

Theme Pile
1x Darth Vader, Agent of the Empire
1x Boba Fett
1x Admiral Motti
1x Carbon Freezing Chamber
1x Mos Eisley
1x Back Door
1x Frozen Wastes
7x One each of Force Cards: 1-6, 8
1x Force Card: 7 (uncommon version)

3x Darth Vader, Sith Warrior
2x Major Millich
2x DS-61-2
1x PS-29-2
3x TK-577
2x ST-4402
2x AF-119
1x AF-27
1x NT-311
1x RGA-972
1x Sergeant Airten
1x Labria
1x Ponda Baba
1x Greedo
1x Zutton
1x Ur
1x Iasa
1x Elis Helrot

3x Devastator
3x Stalker
1x Vader's TIE
2x Black Two
2x Shadow Two
2x Shadow Three

2x Vader?s Lightsaber
1x Greedo?s Blaster
1x Iasa's Jawa Blaster
2x Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle
3x Blaster Rifle
2x Blaster
1x E-Web Repeating Blaster
2x Turbolaser Battery
2x SFS l-s7.2 TIE Cannon

5x That?s No Moon
2x The Guns...They've Stopped
1x They Came From Behind
2x Imperial Precision
1x Ubrikkian 9000
1x Jawa Trader
1x Dewback Patrol
2x Come With Me
1x Tear This Ship Apart
1x Local Trouble
1x Stay On Target
1x I Have You Now
1x Imperial Fleet
2x Coming Up On Their Sentry Ships
2x You Should Not Have Come Back
1x Stand By, Ion Control

That Is No Moon--what the heck was Decipher thinking in making this card? It rocks and by far is the best card in the game at this point. All decks (especially Tarkin and Han) should have 5 in each. TK577--wow what a good card in the Vader theme! When supporting vader he is POWER +2 and DEFENSE +1 and if Vader has his stick he is DEFENSE +3. That is why I have 3 in the deck. I hope to support the Sith Lord all day long with this guy. You are probably asking "Why Zutton"? Because if he is fighting non-aliens he is power +3 bringnig him to a 6!! One of the highest in the game, and you combine that with the event Ubrikkian 9000 and you get a destiny to add to it as well!

Granted this deck is untested in tournament play, but i think it will do well. Give it a try and just remember That Is No Moon rocks!!!

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