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You Like Me Because I'm A Scoundrel
by Chris "Rom" Brennan

Theme Pile
1x Han Solo, Smuggler For Hire
1x Pondo Baba
1x Nabrun Leids
1x Carbon Freezing Chamber (play this first)
1x Mos Eisley (play this second, if possible, otherwise play Endor)
1x Back Door
1x Frozen Wastes
6x One each of Force Cards: 1-2, 4-6, 8
1x Force Card: 3 (uncommon version)
1x Force Card: 7 (uncommon version)

5x Han Solo, Unlikely Hero
3x Wedge Antilles
3x Corporal Hakin
3x Private Alain
2x Ponda Baba
2x Nabrun Leids
2x Ellors Madak
2x Zutton
2x Solomahol

3x Corellian Laser Cannon
3x Taim & Bak IX4 Laser Cannons
5x Han's Blaster Pistol
3x Ponda Baba's Blaster Pistol
2x Ellors Madak's Blaster
3x Blaster
2x Gaffi Stick

3x Tantive IV
2x Rancor's Tooth
1x Dodonna's Pride
3x Gold Two
3x Gold Five

4x Outrun Those Imperial Slugs
3x Ubrikkian 9000
3x Jawa Trader
3x That's No Moon
2x I Have You Now
3x Stand By, Ion Control
4x Stabilize Your Rear Defelctors

The idea is to get Han out with your Smugglers and use his ability to let them draw destiny. Your first attack should be to use Han to take out a medium-weight target without risking losing him. (eg, kill a TK-577, or UrUr, or if you have Han's Blaster and can pretty much guarentee shooting someone then get rid of an opposing weapon.) After that, if the opponent decides to commit a lot of power to going after a character who's already rotated, then even without Han you should be able to pick off their remaining forces. Also, rotating Han first keeps the maximum number of potential supporters readied. don't be afraid of the deck size, you'll burn thru it quickly with Han's ability, Han's Blaster and Outrun (always use those last 2 whenever possible).

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