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Collecting Jedi Knights

WOW! Now if you are a collector. Here is a set that has A LOT to be collected!

Let's look at the basic makeup of this set:

154 basic cards (51 of these have a 'stereo pair' version: Left & Right) 8 Tournament foils (which are simply reprinted/foiled basic set cards) 1 Exclusive Emperor League foil. (The League foils are different versions!) 4 Exclusive League Foils. 5 Promo cards (these have no gameplay changes just a P instead of an R) 1 Replacement card (Admiral Motti) this will have new/corrected game text! 50 Silver Parallel foils (of Rares only, but also of each stereo pair) 50 Gold Parallel Foils (of Rares only, but also of each stereo pair) 154 1st day basic set.

You can check out the online cardlist here.

So the question begs... at what level do you want to collect?

Let's start out at the easist level and then progress further up the collecting difficulty ladder.

Basic 154 card set.

In this set there are a basic 50 rares. So if you get a good distribution, you'll need to buy 2 boxes. Out of each box you'll get 30 basic rares. Plus usually you'll pull 1 Gold Foil and 5 Silver foils as well. So to build a basic set out of 2 boxes, you should have 60 Rares, 2 Gold Foils and 10 Silver foils. That means you'll have approximately 10 extra rares and all the foils to trade towards any missing cards you didn't pull. You'll also have to buy one each of the 2 different starter decks to get your fixed cards from them.

2 boxes, 2 starters... some trading... Not bad.

Basic 154 Card set with all the Sterographic Pairs. (now you just added 51 more cards to your set. Fortunately 1 of them is an uncommon, so you'll already have that one, but the other 50 are rares. So that means 2 more boxes?? maybe. Maybe not. If you have no interest in the foiled versions, then in reality you have only to buy one more box. You should be able to do some sweet trading with the 3 gold foils, and the 15 silver foils out of your 3 boxes, you'll already have 90 regular rares, so you'll only need to trade for 10 more from you pile of foils. Which should be easily done.

3 boxes, 2 starters... pretty easy. You'll have to do some more trading.

1st day set! Well, the 1st day cards are sold at a premium. 50% higher than the regular issue cards. So to collect a 1st day set, you'll need the same amount of boxes, but they will be more expensive. For example if your retailer sells regular boxes at $100. Expect the 1st Day boxes to be $150! These boxes are meant for Collectors. Although players get the same great playing cards from them as well but in reality, why pay more per pack. Let the collectors do that :) Although, in the 1st day boxes, you get 36 1st day Rares PLUS 1 Gold foil and 5 Silver Foils for a total of 42 Rares! So you do get a better value, it like getting 42 packs in the box instead of only 36. Nice.

So far we've covered the basic set and the 1st day basic set. Now onto the more pricey stuff. Foil sets!

Silver foil set. You can collect this set in one of 2 ways. Singles or Stereo Pairs. If you collect a single silver foil set you will need 50 Silver foils to complete the set. If you want to try and get these from boxes, you'll need to buy 10 boxes. (averaging 5/box). If you want a complete stereo pair set (100 rares) you'll need 20 boxes. And after all that, you'll need to still do some trading to swap your duplicates with the missing holes. 20 boxes.. that's alot!

Gold Foil set! This is the BIG Daddy! The King Kong of sets. 1/box. Simply, 50 rares, 50 boxes for a single set. 100 rares, 100 boxes for a Stereo pair set! WOW! I would suggest trading with that guy who is collecting only that basic set and has those gold foils to trade away.

To finish up, I'm just glad that Decipher didn't do a 1st day Silver or Gold foil set! Can you imagine buying 100 boxes of 1st day boxes... I can't hardly imagine buying 100 boxes of regular cards.

I will attempt to collect a Gold foil set. Maybe someday a year or two from now, I'll have it complete.

No matter what level you decide to collect, have fun doing it! And, Good Luck on Collecting JK!

Jim Colson
Gold 5 (Dagobah)
"The UberCollector!"

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