Keep in mind that this is all SPECULATION. Moving on...

Leia is confronted with the decision of "revealing the location of the hidden Jedi base, or watching helplessly as millions of refugee ships are destroyed". The Solo children lead an elite (Which will likely include Tahiri and Danni) to an isolated planet substituting it as the Jedi academy and turning themselves in. After the Vong take them captive they are commanded to take Jacen Solo and the Jedi captives to Lah. During their course to Lah’s ship, the remainder of Anakin’s plan comes into fold.

In the meantime, Leia is dealing with Lah’s transaction on the refugee ships. Lah keeps his promise, but only to certain ends which allow him to attack the refugee fleets. To the rescue comes Han Solo, Corran Horn, and Wedge Antilles spearheading a fleet of fighters recruited by the three and dispatched by Leia. Effortlessly winning the battle, Han and the others lead the remaining refugee ships (After the negation of one or two of the ships) to their original path of destination, Coruscant. Unknowingly on board one damaged ship is a vast number of Yuzhan Vong in yuglith cloakers carrying on board with them a vast superweapon that could demolish Coruscant upon their arrival. On board several other ships are equally many vong and fleets of coral skippers waiting for assistance to the planet’s core.

Mara is with the Jedi and Jedi trainees at their new hidden Academy within the maw. Taking care of Ben in the meantime, Mara senses strange unusual communication coming from her new born child as well as her connection to Luke.

At Coruscant, Luke approaches Borsk Fey’lya and attempt to right some wrongs with him, but Luke is taken captive and prepared to be given to the Vong. Fey’lya sends word to Lah that Luke is being held for him.

Awaiting their transportation, Anakin, Jacen, and Jaina remain in their cells. We see developement between Jacen and Anakin as brother to brother as well as Danni and Jaina form a greater friendship between eachother. Closed off together in small quarter circumstances, affectionate relationships build between Jacen and Danni as well as between Anakin and Tahiri. In the meanwhile, the Jedis still await opportunity of escape.

Opportunity arrives as their ship approaches the fleet of Refugee ships where they are to be transfered to Lah’s ship. When they arrive, both forces are in battle, which gives the Jedi Elite a perfect opportunity of escape. Stealing enough yuglith cloakers the Jedi have no way of further escape but off onto the refugee ships where Yuzhan Vong are evidently being contained. As they board a ship, they discover a great weapon on board capable of massive power. Before they escape their cells though, Jacen is taken to Lah and Danni as well as Jacen’s sister Jaina head after Jacen disguised as Yuzhan Vong. Following him onto Lah’s ship, the two set out for a secret path into Lah’s chamber. In the meanwhile, Anakin and Tahiri lead the remaining Jedi onto the ship as it departs.

Han, Wedge, Leia, and Corran Horn are leading the refugee ships to Coruscant. As Wedge is flying in his X-Wing making a fly by check through the fleet of refugee ships he notices a violently damaged ship and boards it to make a check up. Unfortunately, the ship happens to be the ship holding the secret weapon and the majority of Vong in yuglith cloakers. Anakin, Tahiri, and the elite discover Wedge about to be sacrificed by the Vong when they take him and secretly lead him to the further depths of the refugee ship releasing him in an escape pod built into the ship. Wedge manages to get out and reveal the word to Leia and the others.

Danni and Jaina are on their way to rescue Jacen when they run into a number of Yuzhan Vong demanding their business. Being forced to attack the band Jaina and Danni fend off the attack and make the rest of their way to Jacen and Lah.

Anakin and Tahiri return to the main cabin only to discover that they have approached Coruscant and their team (Or the majority) killed. Anakin and Tahiri (as well as perhaps another Jedi or two) create a force bubble which catapults them into space and down to coruscant's city tops.

Leia and Han have an ambush planned out for the Vong and thanks to Wedge they have discovered the ship numbers on which the Vong have boarded. Wedge, Corran, and Han lead their strike crew from before and begin to destroy the secretly dispatched Vong refugee ships. Unfortunately, Wedge was not able to notify that onboard the other ships, upon which he hadn’t been,were loads of coral skippers which immediately dispatch themselves against the space strike.

Jacen is finally brought to Lah as Lah prepares to fight Jacen. Jacen is currently in a dispositioned state, but is forced to fight Lah just the same. A magnificent battle, but Jacen is losing...

Borsk, on surface of Coruscant notices the battle and forces an attack against Han, Corran, and Wedge to protect the refugee ships. The coralskippers are attacking Han and the others, not the refugee ships (Which pose no immediate threat to them) causing Borsk to believe that they are protecting the refugee ships as bargained.

Although the ambush against the Vong aboard the refugee ships is brilliant, the ship with the secret weapon sees it’s way through the attack, landing on Coruscants surface, unleashing itsself upon the cities. Anakin and Tahiri, who have witnessed the initiary of the battle from the city tops eventually run into Leia. The three lead a ground battle against the Vong and the secret weapon. As the battle runs into full course, Lah's ship comes out of hyperspace and begins to unleash more coral skippers.

Borsk notices Lah’s ship and sends report to him. Lah demands for Luke, as Luke is brought to the “transport” which is actually the Vong’s superweapon. As Coruscant’s strike reach atmosphere they begin to attack Han and the others but quickly discover that they are also being attacked by the coralskippers, turning sides and adding to the strike against the vong. (And disobeying Fey’lya’s orders)

Jacen is almost defeated by Lah, on the brink of death when Danni and Jaina arrive. All three unite and conjure the force to send Jacen and Jaina's lightsabers soaring for Lah. Lah brilliantly parries all blows and attempts when he is given the opportunity to defeat the three Jedi, but Danni fends him off as the two lightsabers continue to fly towards him. Lah strikes Jaina's saber to the hilt destroying it and goes for a hit on weaponless Jacen just as Jaina uses the force to throw his saber into Jacen’s hand allowing him a clean, but difficult thrust to the chest. Jacen passes out, but is not deathly ill. Jaina and Danni carry him to a coralskipper and escape from the ship. The coralskipper runs into a fighter that begins firing upon it until they make contact with it recognizing the voice. Wedge!

Switching to the Falcon’s channel, Wedge makes a confirmation with Han and Corran who take the three Jedi aboard the Millennium Falcon. The Falcon catches up with the fleeing good guy refugee ships and make their way to the opposite of the planet landing on the surface.

On the night time side of the planet, Borsk personally takes Luke to secret weapon which is hovering above the city tops. On board, Borsk’s guards are assasinated as Borsk is released down into the city tops to his death.

Anakin and Tahiri find their way to the secret weapon which is being used to destroy skyscraper after skyscraper of buildings in a matter of seconds. Boarding the weapon, they take on and finally defeat the operators of the weapon using it against the Vong to destroy Lah's ship (However this works, you decide. Be the creative one here) With Luke, Anakin and Tahiri join together to conjure up a force storm that completely wipes out all deployed coralskippers furthermore catapulting the weapon towards Lah’s ship destroying it on impact. The Vong are crippled, Coruscant has faced many fatalities (Borsk... tee hee hee), yet still survived, and everyone goes home happy with sorrowful sacrifices. But the Vong are not beaten yet...

(If I'm actually right about Jaina's saber, she'll definitely be constructing a new one in her books since we all know they're going to next be writing Jaina's paperbacks)

Well, there you are. I'm most definitely mostly wrong about the whole thing, but it's nice to make these things up and see how much you were right.... or wrong, whatever the occasion calls for.

I know I'm going to be receiving probably alot of people agreeing with me if not MANY more people complaining to me how wrong I am. Go ahead though, it's just a speculation. Enjoy!

- Garin Sketch