First thing: Mike Stackpole's trilogy is now a duology, with an additional "draft choice", whatever that is. It will still be called Dark Tide, though, however many books there are. Dark Tide will also be Stackpole's first mainstream (focusing on Luke, Leia, Han, etc.)Star Wars work to date.

One thing I learned is that Mike Stackpole has a shoot-down macro for whenever someone asks him something about an upcoming Star Wars book: "Actually, Lucasfilm prohibits me from commenting about ongoing work in any specifics." He did, however, say we would find it "exciting and fun." =p

This isn't too surprising, but Onslaught will have a lot of lightsaber stuff in it. It was cool to hear that he got inspiration from the amazing LS work in TPM.

There is also a chance that Stackpole will be doing more NJO books later on. Again, not too shocking.

A tiny little quote from the back cover of Onslaught satisfies a number of fans: Corran, now a Jedi Knight, will be in the Dark Tide books. Not that we ever doubted he would.

Lastly, the NJO books should also be more focused on the end results of Jedi training, straying from the feel of the Jedi Academy Trilogy.

Oh, and by the way, he refused to tell me who dies in Vector Prime. =)