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An Update On The Forthcoming Han Solo Novel

Posted By Eric on January 15, 2013

Authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who write under the pen name James S. A. Corey, have been hard at work on a Han Solo novel that will be part of Del Rey's upcoming "Rebels" book series. Today, Franck posted a few thoughts about the novel and Star Wars in general. Here's what he said:

Ground has been broken on the Star Wars novel. An outline has been approved, and chapters are being typed. Things I?ve learned so far: It is important to know ahead of time how you will handle Chewie talking, the Star Wars universe has instantaneous communication and nearly instantaneous travel but space is STILL big enough to hide things, hyperspace is how you get away from badguys but jumping through hyperspace ain?t like dusting crops kid, and Leia is the brains of the operation. If someone has a good idea, it?s Leia. Han is always always always wrong when he makes a plan or predicts the future, but man does he improvise gracefully. More robots. Always more robots.

We look forward to more thoughts like these from Abraham and Franck about their forthcoming Solo-centric book!

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