Zoology: Mynock


Natural Range:

Mynocks are vermin of the spaceways, able to drift through the hard vacuum of interplanetary space but lustfully attracted to the warmth and power of passing starships. Physically they consist of a limbless slug-like body about a metre long, with leathery delta wings. The head consists of little more than two rounded eyestalks and sucker of about twenty centimetres' diameter for attachment to starships or other sources of food.

* *
The mouthparts and head of a mynock can be seen clearly here as it attaches itself to the Millennium Falcon's cockpit window.

The delta-winged form of a mynock chewing on external power cables is not a pleasant sigh for starship owners. Blasting off the vermin is an odious task.

* *
Decipher's SWCCG mynock game cards.

SWRPG statistics:

Dexterity 3D
Perception 1D
Strength 1D
Special abilities:
Energy drain: survive by draining energy from starships.
Flight: mynocks who drain enough energy can fly.
Silicon life forms: silicon-based life forms and can survive in the vacuum of space.
Move: 9, 1 (space units per turn)



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