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I don't think that there is a name for the SW galaxy. They just call it Galaxy because it is the complete extend of the accessible and observable universe for them. Almost entirely self-enclosed. Just as our planet has been called Earth throughout our pre-space history. However in both cases the closure is imperfect and the rare incoming extragalactic (or extraterrestrial) material can be dangerous.

Mike Horne:

if there's a concerted movement from there to come to the SW galaxy then it's more likely that whatever comes here is from that place than just randomly...

If they rely upon organic technology then is seems possible that these intruders come from a place that is poor in metals and other heavy elements. It may be a galaxy which underwent very little star formation after the first stellar generation, so there may be comparatively few planets, and those which exist may be metal-poor. Resorting to low-metal technology might also be a response to life in the barren void between galaxies, where lack of star formation means very little stellar reprocessing of light elements into metals.

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A marvellous entity called a Teezl was found by Imperial scouts and obtained by Admiral Giel's armada in the Outer Rim in the Marvel STAR WARS series. The creature appears to be a naturally powerful or long-range hyperwave transceiver, perhaps with other special communications-related properties. They found that it is a living hyperwave transceiver, is particularly powerful and has other capablities which are difficult to create in an artificial device. Its capabilities were so uniquely useful that the Emperor assembled and sent the Empire's largest recorded armada to capture the Teezl and transport it to Coruscant.

In the comics, Colonel Malka and others refer to the Teezl as a "screamer". Since it is the only member of its species known to the Empire, the term "screamer" must be a functional description. It may have something to do with the manner in which the Teezl was discovered. Since it is a powerful, faster-than-light organic communicator, it might have interfered or been detectable through ordinary hyperwave communications networks across the galaxy.

Part of the problem of faster-than-light communications is causality-violation. If a signal travels faster than light then it goes forwards in time from many points of view, but there can be other frames of reference in the galaxy, in which the transmission appears to go backwards in time. This raises the problem of what happens if users of the hyperwave network attempt to communicate with and influence other people participating in past events.

It should not be possible to create time paradoxes using hyperwave communications equipment. Fortunately, there are physical arguements suggesting that causality-violation would in fact be impossible. It turns out that it's not possible to achieve a signal that violates causality, because for those choices of singal velocity and transciever configuration, the distinction between transmitter and receiver becomes meaningless. Any attempt at openning such a channel would create terrible meaningless feedback noise. This much depends only on special relativity, not on the fictional physics of STAR WARS.

If Imperial engineers were to point a hyperwave transciever in the direction of another transciever in a causality-violating channel, they would produce/detect a terrible hyperwave scream. Perhaps this is called a "screamer" in Imperial comscan jargon. Since powerful hyperwave equipment is supposed to be exclusive to the galactic government [eg. as explained in the origins of the HoloNet in The Imperial Sourcebook], any persistent unidentified screamer would attract serious attention from the galactic government and military. Perhaps this is how the Teezl was detected? Perhaps the animal had an annoying habit of wandering onto HoloNet channels and screaming, making it a nuisance like cattle wandering across the road or birds chewing on telephone cables? Perhaps the Imperial scouts who discovered the Teezl identified it with intermittent HoloNet disruptions.

I propose that:

  1. the Teezl is in fact an extragalactic hyperwave relay or listening device belonging to the Yuuzhan Vong;
  2. Palpatine knows how aggressive the Yuuzhan Vong are; and
  3. that's why he saw fit to equip Giel with such a large precautionary armada for his expedition - the largest armada in the Empire's history. Even if the theft of the Teezl met no opposition, it may still have caused a great nuisance to the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Teezl is certainly within the scope of Yuuzhan Vong technology; they used more portable organic communications devices in Vector Prime, so the Teezl could easily be a higher-powered, long-range relative of the same creatures. Furthermore Dark Tide: Onslaught has shown that the Yuuzhan Vong maintained a covert scout presence for at least fifty years before commencing their invasion.

* *
The Teezl in its enclosure within the aft section of Admiral Giel's flagship. Giel describes the creature's nature and significance to Colonel Malka.

The Teezl is put into action against rebel infiltrators in Giel's armada.

Riders in the Void

The extragalactic ship in the Riders in the Void Marvel issue also looks very much like it belongs to the Yuuzhan Vong civilisation, or perhaps a defeated enemy of the Yuuzhan Vong. The technology is wholly and conspicuously organic. According to its lone surviving occupant, the ship is the last remnant of a civilisation destroyed in a terrible war in another galaxy. As seen in the flashback recollection of the war, and judging by a helmet glimpsed on one of the ship's chambers, the builders were a human or at least humanoid species.

It is tempting to attribute all examples of extragalactic organic technologies to the Yuuzhan Vong or related civilisations. The Yuuzhan Vong must be an important civilisation in their galaxy, and perhaps even a dominant civilisation (if their galaxy is as technically homogenised as Palpatine's galaxy). If the Yuuzhan Vong can access the Galactic Republic/Empire, and have been sending scouts for at least several decades, then they can be seen as part of a general intergalactic civilisational drift. On the other hand, any other travellers from the same galaxy ought to share a similar level and style of technology.

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Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and their Imperial pursuers encountered a large extragalactic warship measuring at least several miles across.

* *
Interestingly, this starship used by Chewbacca (in his ploy to free Wookiee juveniles from slavers) is of the same model as the one used by Luke Skywalker years later in the encounter with the extragalactic organic warship.


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